Starfield players defend Upscaler modder following official DLSS announcement

Starfield players defend Upscaler modder following official DLSS announcement
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The release of the latest Starfield patch has predictably been met with heaps of praise, as the community had long requested many of the new features set to be introduced with it, such as Nvidia DLSS support and the new “Eat” button. However, the impending addition of the former has also caused several disgruntled fans to pour even more criticism toward the well-known DLSS modder, PureDark.

For those unfamiliar, PureDark is the creator of the popular Starfield DLSS mod, an update that players with Nvidia graphics cards had often used to improve in-game performance. Following their decision to introduce a paywall and DRM to this Starfield mod, however, these same players started turning on PureDark, as many felt the mod should have remained free to download.

So, now that Bethesda is set to integrate DLSS support into the game, more gamers have started coming out of the woodwork to pile onto the criticism rained down upon PureDark. Naturally, this prompted the modder to defend themselves with a concise post addressing the libelous statements being hurled at them. In it, they said: “Whoever says I was forcing a monthly subscription to use the mods is totally wrong.”

“I have stated in every post since I first added DRM that no subscribers will be affected,” they continued. “DRM is obviously bad for reputation since a lot of people keep demonizing what I did. When implemented well, this could’ve been a good thing for subscribers since, with DRM, I can stop restricting download access with roles. And it also allows for free updates [to] former subscribers.”

Many of the comments below PureDark’s post then went on to defend and thank the modder for their hard work, with most responses stating that their decision to paywall the DLSS mod was understandable. Of course, there were also numerous reactions that continued to criticize their paywalled mod after pointing out that fans can use several free alternatives instead.

With Bethesda’s Nvidia DLSS support feature set to arrive soon, though, most players won’t have to settle any longer for these useful player-created mods. While you wait for it to drop, check out our guides on where to buy ammo in Starfield, how to repair your ship in Starfield, and all Starfield ship manufacturers and locations in the meantime.