Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles – complete guide – where they are and what they do

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There are lots of different Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles to find throughout Cal Kestis’ second adventure, to the point where it can be difficult to keep track of them all. They’re usually easy to spot, either sparkling white or glowing blue in the environment, but knowing exactly what you’ll be picking up is helpful.

So as you explore the many Jedi Survivor planets, picking up all sorts of collectibles left and right, refer to this guide to understand exactly what they are. Some will require the Jedi Survivor Force powers to unlock, while others may be found in the Jedi Chamber locations.

Here are all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles and what they do:

  • Chests
  • Essences
  • Force Tears
  • Stim Canisters
  • Treasures
  • Databank Scans
  • Force Echoes


Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles: Cal opening a chest and receiving the Slicked Back hairstyle.

Returning from Fallen Order, standard chests are quite straightforward. They will always contain a cosmetic item, which can come in many different formats such as hair or clothes for Cal, a new body part for BD-1, or a lightsaber part to spruce up your go-to weapon. Most are accessible whenever you encounter them, but some require specific abilities before you can crack them open.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles: Cal stood next to an essence while Zee talks to him.
Force Essences

When you see something glowing blue on the floor, one of two things it can be is an essence. These come in four different forms, but you won’t know which it is until you pick it up. Health and Force essences increase Cal’s maximum health and Force respectively, while skill essences will immediately grant you a skill point. There are also perk essences, which reward you with a brand new Perk – one of which you can earn by completing the Jedi Survivor Rancor boss fight.

Force Tears

Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles: Cal approaching the Force Tear in Doma's shop.
Force tears

You’re unlikely to encounter any Force Tears during the opening few hours of the game, as they come a little later down the line, and they appear as glowing purple rifts. Interact with one and you’ll be teleported to a unique challenge room, which you must complete for a reward.

Stim Canisters

Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles: Cal stood in front of the Stim Canister in Doma's shop.

Another returning collectible from the first game, and arguably the most important, Stim Canisters are quite straightforward. They can be found in enormous chests, and opening them will increase the maximum number of stims Cal can carry at any one time, allowing BD-1 to heal him more frequently. We have a list of all the Jedi Survivor Stim locations in our handy guide.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles: Cal stood next to a Priorite Shard in Sodden Grotto.

Treasures glow white on the floor, though they’re slightly harder to spot than essences and Force Tears. Picking one of these up can be one of three things;

  • Priorite Shards, which can be spent at Doma’s shop on Koboh;
  • Datadiscs, which can be spent with Zee in Pyloon’s Saloon; or
  • Scrolls, which can be spent with Sister Taske on Jedha.

Databank Scans

Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles: Cal stood next to a scan for BD-1.

Whenever BD-1 hops off Cal’s shoulder and runs to something interesting, chances are it’s a databank scan. These come in plenty of different categories, and all of them will provide some interesting lore or information about the subject you’ve scanned. Some also allow you to get new units to use in Jedi Survivor’s Holotactics mini-game.

Force Echoes

Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles: Cal stood next to a blue mist, with the "sense echo" button prompt on screen.

Finally, there are Force Echoes. These also glow blue like essences, but interacting with them will start a short dialogue, and sometimes hologram, from a flashback between characters you’ve encountered on your journey so far. These are also added to the databank, much like the scans.

There you have it, all of the collectibles available in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you’re still making your way through the game, make sure you learn how to fast travel in Jedi Survivor, and how to interact with red objects, as they can be confusing at first.

How many collectibles are in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

Across all the different types of collectibles, there are over 500 things to pick up in the world.

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