How to fight Vashtan Wolfe in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Wondering how to fight Vashtan Wolfe in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? You’ll come across Vashtan Wolfe in a cave in the Derelict Dam on Koboh on your way to tracking down Greez. Hidden behind a large locked door, they’ll taunt Cal with the promise of treasure, but try as you may, it seems there’s no way to get through the door and challenge him to a tussle.

In this guide, we’ll outline how to open the locked door and how to fight Vashtan Wolfe in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. While you in the area, you’ll also want to learn how to break the glowing rocks on Koboh in Jedi Survivor and learn how to parry in Jedi Survivor to take on Vashtan Wolfe.

How to unlock the door and reach Vashtan Wolfe in Jedi Survivor

Cal in front of electric cylinder that summons Vashtan Wolfe in Jedi Survivor.

To fight Vashtan Wolfe in Jedi Survivor, you’ll need to use the BD-1 Electro Dart on the blue electric cylinder mounted high up on the wall to the right of the locked door. To reach the cylinder, wall run and hop onto the ledge immediately below it.

If you’re visiting Koboh for the first time, you won’t have the BD-1 Electro Dart ability just yet. It unlocks later on in the game during the Search for the Compass mission. Once you have the tool, return to Koboh and instruct BD-1 to overcharge the electrical box. Doing so won’t open the door, which was a foil all along, but instead opens the locked chest to the left of the door, but also summons Vashtan Wolfe for a boss fight. 

Cal in front of Vashtan Wolfe door in Jedi Survivor.

Looting the chest gives you the Two Tone lightsaber cosmetic. Though the door is marked as locked from the otherside, it doesn’t in fact open at all and there’s no way to route around it to get it open. Depending on the difficulty level you selected, the Vashtan Wolfe fight should be fairly straightforward, though as a mini-boss expect a bit of challenge nevertheless.

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How to open the door to Vashtan Wolfe on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

The door to Vashtan Wolfe in Jedi Survivor doesn’t open, but you can use BD-1’s Electro Dart ability on the electrical box to the right of the door to unlock the red chest in the same area and summon Vashtan Wolfe.

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