How to use Star Wars Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards

How to use Star Wars Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards
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You’ll start picking up Star Wars Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards from almost the very start of your time on Coruscant, as the treasures can be found in all sorts of nooks and crannies. When you pick one up though, a pop-up appears telling you about a mysterious vendor who may value them, but you can accumulate a lot of Priorite Shards before you’re able to spend them.

So while you can just horde them like a burrowing droid, you’d fare better by finding out how you can spend them on things like the Jedi Survivor Mysterious Keycode. There are 100 Priorite Shards to collect in total across all of the Jedi Survivor planets, so you better get hunting. Here’s the lowdown on how to use Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards: The shop interface at Doma's Outpost Commodities, where you can spend Priorite Shards.

Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards explained

You can spend Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards once you make it to Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh and rescue Zee from the Meditation Chamber. After this, Doma Dendra – the guardian of Turgle, who you saved from Rayvis and Zeik – will open up her shop called Doma’s Outpost Commodities. This is next to Pyloon’s Saloon.

Here, you can spend your Priorite Shards on cosmetics, including plenty of hairstyles and outfits for Cal, and a bunch of music tracks to play on the jukebox in Pyloon’s Saloon. As mentioned before, there’s also the Mysterious Keycode, which unlocks the locked door in Doma’s shop. It’s worth noting that Priorite Shards can’t be used for anything else, and everything is available in Doma’s shop from the get-go, so there’s no need to hang on to Priorite in the hopes of finding something better later down the line.

Here’s the full list of everything you can buy from Doma and how much it costs:

Item NameItem TypeCost
Mysterious KeycodeUnknown10
Extended MustacheBeard5
Training ShirtShirt3
SpicemanMusic Track3
Rumble DroidMusic Track3
Sugaan EssenaMusic Track3
Who Mourns For TarisMusic Track3
Sublime Raid IIMusic Track3
Full list of everything you can buy from Doma and how much it costs

Now you know how to use Priorite Shards, make sure you’re fully caught up on how to fight Vashtan Wolfe, a boss who taunts you from behind a door. We’ve also got the lowdown of all the Jedi Survivor enemies in the game, so you know who and what you’ll be fighting.

How do you find Priorite Shards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

Priorite Shards will sparkle on the floor, so they’re easy to spot. Just walk up to the sparkle and interact with it to pick it up.