How to fast travel in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Want to know how to fast travel in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? By virtue of Jedi Survivor being a galaxy-spanning adventure, the game covers a lot of ground, hopping from one planet to another as we track Cal’s crusade against the Galactic Empire. With so many areas to explore, it’s fortunate that there is Jedi Survivor fast travel.

In this guide, we’ll outline how to unlock fast travel in Jedi Survivor and how fast travel works generally. If you need a hand getting to grips with Cal’s acrobatic moveset be sure to check out our guides to how to parry in Jedi Survivor, how to throw your lightsaber in Jedi Survivor, and how to save in Jedi Survivor to make sure you don’t lose your hard-earned progress.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor fast travel: The Fast Travel option selected on the UI at the Derelict Dam meditation point.

Jedi Survivor fast travel explained

To fast travel in Jedi Survivor, visit any meditation point and select the fast travel option. This brings you to a new menu listing all the meditation points you’ve unlocked so far for the specific planet you’re on. However, this isn’t unlocked from the start, as you must make it to Koboh before you can fast travel.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor fast travel: The UI when fast travelling from the Gorge Crash Site.

When do you unlock fast travel in Jedi Survivor?

To unlock fast travel in Jedi Survivor, you must make it to the second meditation point on Koboh, called Derelict Dam. From here, you’ll be able to hop between any meditation points you’ve already discovered, which at this point will just be the Gorge Crash Site. Note that you can’t return to Coruscant just yet – you’ll need to wait a while until you progress further through the game for that.

Now you know how to fast travel in Jedi Survivor, learn about Jedi Survivor planets you’ll be visiting, along with the Jedi Survivor enemies you’ll take on. Otherwise, check out all the details about the Jedi Survivor new game plus mode.

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