Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets list

Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets list
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Want to know the Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets? Respawn’s spectacular Star Wars sequel is set to up the ante from Jedi Fallen Order, featuring new and expansive worlds to explore.

We’re listing all the known planets appearing in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Whether imperial strongholds or wild moons, we’ll give you the rundown on all the planets you’ll encounter on the next leg of Cal Kestis’ journey. And you’ll want to check out the Jedi Survivor System Requirements to make sure you’re fully equipped to visit all the worlds the game has to offer.

Jedi Survivor Planets - Cal looks out over Koboh

Here are all the planets that feature in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:


Most of Jedi Survivor takes place on Koboh, a dusty world carved with canyons, peaks, and vertiginous ravines. Despite initial impressions, Koboh is far from deserted. From prospectors out to make their fortune and Beldlam Raiders policing the lands, to the local wildlife and a settlement of NPCs that can be expanded as you delve deeper into Jedi Survivor, Koboh is anything but empty.


The galactic capital, Coruscant is the seat of the Empire’s power. Cal will need to be both clever and careful to make it through Coruscant alive while contending with some of Jedi Survivor’s enemies


An inhospitable world inhabited by creatures more than happy to attack you on sight, Jedha plays an important role in Jedi Survivor’s story as a safe haven for Jedis and those intent on scuppering the Galactic Empires nefarious plans.

Shattered Moon

Orbiting Koboh, the Shattered Moon has acted as an observation deck for Koboh for both factions of the galactic tussle. Research facilities contain answers vital to understanding Koboh’s mysteries.

Nova Garon

Nova Garon is a colossal rock floating seemingly innocuously in open-space, but contains its fair share of secrets, not least a sprawling Empire base.


Steeped in history and a good dose of mystery, Tanalorr is another safe place for those shunned by the Galactic Empire and a planet earmarked by Jedi of old as place for budding Jedi’s to learn and blossom. Full of promise and the ultimate destination for Cal’s latest journey, getting there won’t prove easy.

Now you know about the Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets, check out the final Jedi Survivor gameplay trailer and learn whether Jedi Survivor is canon or not.

How many planets are in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

So far developer Respawn has confirmed two planets in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – Koboh and Coruscant. Right now, we’re unsure how many total planets are in the game.