Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor boss fight guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor boss fight guide
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Stumbled upon the Jedi Survivor Rancor boss fight early in the game and struggling to beat this hulking beast? One of the first side quests – known as rumours in Jedi Survivor – comes when a prospector just outside Rambler’s Reach Outpost asks you to find some missing prospectors who went hunting for Priorite Shards in the Sodden Grotto.

As a fearless Jedi, it’s down to you to find them – but at the end, you come face-to-face with a Rancor, one of the optional Jedi Survivor bosses, also known as a legendary enemy. Defeating this monster is no easy task at all, and while you’ll have collected plenty of Jedi Survivor Priorite on your way to fighting it, that won’t help you here. But you’ll stand a better chance with our tips to the Jedi Survivor Rancor boss fight, who isn’t part of the main story, but is still a tough foe nonetheless – much like the Jedi Survivor Spawn of Oggdo boss too.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor boss: The Rancor eating Cal Kestis after the unavoidable attack.

How to beat the Jedi Survivor Rancor boss

The Rancor has one attack that will one-hit-kill you, which happens when it pulls one arm back and lunges at you. Since this attack glows red, you know you can’t block or parry it, but you absolutely must ensure you’re dodging if you see it start this attack because otherwise you’ll be reset to the meditation point before the fight and must go again.

After this attack is a prime opportunity to land a few hits though, and the same goes for immediately after the unblockable ground pound attack. Dodge the shockwaves from this by double jumping, then swing your lightsaber a few times before the Rancor recovers.

Most importantly, the Rancor has one series of attacks that are blockable and as a result, can be parried to chip away at its block meter. It will slam the ground with both hands, first the left, then the right – time your parries right and you’ll deflect both of them, opening the Rancor up for some hits. It may also follow these up with two stomps, which you should either jump or dodge out of the way of.

Finally, it doesn’t glow red immediately so it’s worth being extra cautious of this, but if you’re positioned directly behind the Rancor, expect it to do a 180 degree sweep which you also cannot parry.

Essentially, the key is to simply bide your time. As long as you know how to throw your lightsaber, you can deal damage from afar and slowly chip away at its health. Otherwise, make sure you’re poised, ready to block whenever an attack glows red, and deal some damage in the few seconds before the Rancor recovers.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor boss: The execution animation as Cal plunges the lightsaber into the head of the Rancor.

Jedi Survivor Rancor boss rewards

When you kill the Rancor, you’re rewarded with the Shatter perk, which may well be one of the first perks you unlock in the game. Returning to the prospector who sent you down there doesn’t net you any tangible reward, but you do find out she actually only wanted you to go down there to kill the beast so she could mop up the Priorite for herself…

Where is the Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

The Rancor is the boss found at the end of the Sodden Grotto, a long cave found in Rambler’s Reach.

Now you’ve killed the Rancor, make sure you know how the Jedi Survivor Alignment Control Center puzzle works, because you’ll stumble upon that before too long. We’ve also got the lowdown of all the Jedi Survivor Stim locations, so you can find all the health upgrades available in the game.