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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters Evolution

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Looking for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters evolution forms? Keep reading. Here we go through everything you need to know about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters – as well as their evolutions and our recommendation on what starter is best to pick.

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Remember, you can find out more about Shiny Pokémon right here – as there are some restrictions placed on Starters in Scarlet and Violet. Let’s kick off and take a closer look at the starters.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters


An instant fan favorite, Sprigatito is the grass-type starter Pokémon designed as a cute cat. The design is so simplistic yet so elegant that everyone had to fall in love; if you’re a cat lover, this Pokémon is precisely what you desire.

Sprigatito is a four-legged cat-like Pokémon with a mint green body with green highlights on its big pointed ears, a maple – Esque green marking on its face, and a green mane around its neck. Sprigatito has cute big purple eyes, a smiling feline face, and a cute puffy tail.

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What’s even more adorable is that it has cat-like paws and an attention-seeking, capricious personality that might sulk if it sees you giving attention to a Pokémon other than itself, according to the Pokémon Company.

Sprigatito is a Pokémon that loves the wild. When it kneads and rubs with its forepaws, it can release a sweet aroma that can mesmerize those around it.

The scent has a therapeutic and calming ability, making its opponents lose the will to battle. The ability overgrow boosts its Pokémon Attack and Special Attack by 50% if a grass-type move is used.

Category:        Grass Cat Pokémon

  • Type:               Grass
  • Height:             1’4
  • Weight:            9lbs
  • Ability:              Overgrow

Sprigatito Evolution

This four legged cat like Pokemon will first evolve into Floragato, who will still remain as a grass type Pokemon, and has a HP of 061, an attack of 080 and a defense of 063. Sprigatito’s final evolution form is Meowscarada, a dark grass type Pokemon, Meowscarada will be able to use both grass and ark attacks, meaning it will be strong against psychic and ghost types. Meowscarada has a HP of 076, an attack of 110 and a defense of 070.


This white feathered bi–pedal duck is cute and has blue flippers. It also has blue eyes, a yellow beak, and a blue pompadour on its head that it adores. Quaxly is very tidy and serious in all its endeavors making it a very responsible Pokémon. It likes cleanliness and dislikes getting dirty; it especially takes care of its head which it keeps clean and styled.

Quaxly always looks a bit glossy and that’s because there is a gel that protects its body; its feathers secrete it, and it repels water and grime, keeping it clean. The pompadour coif on its head is stylized back by a rich and moist cream.

The hair needs to be kept nice and tidied because it becomes unkempt when they become dry. Quaxly can use its strong legs to swim freely even in strong currents and can kick its opponents swiftly and repeatedly. The ability torrent it has boosts its Pokémon Attack and Special Attack by 50% if a water-type move is used.

Category: Duckling Pokémon

  • Type:                Water
  • Height:             1’8
  • Weight:            13.4lbs
  • Ability:              Torrent

Quaxly Evolution

This cute white feathered duck will first evolve into Quaxwell and will remain a water type Pokemon. Its HP will be 070, attack at 085 and its defense is 065. Quaxwell’s final evolution form is Quaquaval, a water fighting Pokemon who will be able to use both water and fighting attacks, so it will be strong against rock and dark type Pokemons. Quaquaval has a HP of 085, attack of 120 and defense of 080.

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This dino–crocodile Pokémon has a cute and happy design with an out like that resembles a stuffed piquillo pepper. Its design and name represent its Spanish roots and its overall aesthetic appeals to me and the fan base. It has a short red stocky body with large short legs and tiny arms.

It has a white face that mimics a ghost or a skull mask. With red all over, apart from the white skull mask under its body.

Fuecoco is the cutest laid-back Pokémon out there that reminds you of Snorlax. It moves at its own pace and loves to eat; it runs towards any food it finds with joy to eat. The yellow squares everyone makes fun of are scales that absorb heat; they convert this heat into fire energy.

These scales are always warm and can get very hot depending on the temperature. The little yellow aura above Fuecoco’s head is fire energy leaking out of its body. Whenever Fuecoco gets excited, the flame burns brighter or grows.

Category: Fire Croc Pokémon

  • Type:                 Fire
  • Height:             1’4
  • Weight:            21.6lbs
  • Ability:              Blaze

Fuecoco Evolution

The cute dino–crocodile Pokemon will first evolve into Crocalor, and will still remain as a fire type Pokemon. It will have a HP of 081, attack of 055 and a defense of 078.

Fuecoco’s final evolution form is Skeledirge, a fire ghost type Pokemon, who will have both fire and ghost attacks and will be strong against grass and psychic Pokemons. Skeledirge will have a HP of 104, attack of 075 and a defense of 100.

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Which Starter Should I Choose in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Looking at the stats, Fuecoco’s final evolution form Skeledirge stats are the strongest, with the highest health points, defense and special attack. Although it does lack in speed and normal attack.

Quaxly’s final form Quaquaval has the next best looking stats, with the second best health points, defense, special attack and speed. However it does have the highest normal attack and is on pare with Skeledirge in terms of special defense.

Lastly is Sprigatito final evolved form Meowscarada, who by the stats is the weakest starter. With the lowest health points, defense, special attack and special defense. However Meowscarada is the fastest in speed and second highest in normal attack. Plus its final form is a Grass and Dark type.

So if you are looking for the strongest starter, then choose the starter Fuecoco. However if you are not a fan of fire types Pokemon, then go with Quaxly as your starter.


Final Thoughts

That’s all the information we have about the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starters. We’ll know more about it on November 18th, 2022.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters FAQ

What are the starter Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet?

Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco are the starter Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet.

Can Pokemon Scarlet players players play with Violet?

Yes, for the first time in the series, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet players can play co-op multiplayer.