How To Evolve Flutter Mane In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

How To Evolve Flutter Mane In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced various powerful Pokemon with the launch for players to add to their collection. One of the latest addition in the Pokedex is Flutter Mane, a Ghost and Fairy-type Pokemon introduced in the Generated IX of the Pokemon Franchise. 

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Much is still unknown about the origins and lore of Flutter Mane. However, we can still answer most of the questions you might have about it, especially how to acquire it in your game and if there’s a way to evolve it. Without further ado, let’s see whether the evolution of Flutter Mane is possible.

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Can You Evolve Flutter Mane?

Unfortunately, neither can Flutter Mane be evolved into another Pokemon nor can another Pokemon evolve into Flutter Mane. While you can level up Flutter Mane normally to boost its stats, it doesn’t change the appearance or characteristics of the Pokemon. 

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Flutter Mane resembles Misdreavus, a Pokemon that was first introduced all the way back in Generation 2 of the Pokemon Franchise. However, whether it has any shared evolutionary line with Misdreavus is still unknown. At best, Flutter Mane could be a distant cousin to Misdreavus. 

If more content gets added to the game, we might get to see an evolutionary process of Flutter Mane in future updates. Nevertheless, as of now, there is no way to evolve it into a succeeding Pokemon.

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Where To Find Flutter Mane?

Flutter Mane is an end-game Pokemon that can only be accessed after completing all three story paths: Victory Road, Starfall Street, and The Path of Legends. At the end of the game, you will get access to Area Zero, which is the only place where Flutter Mane spawns.

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Upon completing the story and accessing Area Zero, you’re able to find and fight Flutter Mane. Make sure you’re equipped with strong Pokemon in your party, as Flutter Mane has level 50 when you encounter it. Ghost and Steel-type Pokemon can counter Flutter Mane effectively, so we recommend taking them into your battle against Flutter Mane. 

Note: Flutter Mane is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet only, and there’s no way to get it in the Pokemon Violet version of the game.

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Stats Of Flutter Mane

It is a shame that Flutter Mane can only be acquired after finishing the main story, as it has solid stats all across the board. However, there’s still a bunch of grinding to do and Pokemon to catch after completing the storyline. Therefore, you can utilize this solid Pokemon to make the battles at the end of the game a piece of cake for you, especially if you’re actively participating in Tera Raid Events.

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The stats of Flutter Mane are given in the following table:

StatFlutter Mane
Special Attack135
Special Defense135

Final Thoughts

So, this was it for our guide on the evolution of Flutter Mane. It is a must-have Pokemon for your collection, despite there being no way of evolving it. It is already a pretty high-leveled Pokemon with solid stats, which alleviates the need to evolve it in the first place. Even though Flutter Mane can’t be evolved, there are a lot of other Pokemon that can, whose evolution process you can check out in our guides tab!