Palworld How To Find and Catch Flambelle – Flambelle location and drops

Palworld How To Find and Catch Flambelle – Flambelle location and drops
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Need to know how to find and catch Flambelle? This Pal is a great addition to your Paldeck, but finding them can be tough if you don’t know where to look.

Heading out towards the Volcano biome can be a dangerous task for players under level 30, but a few Fire-type Pals make the trip worth it. Whether you need the best Pals for kindling or the best Pals for mining, it’s a great place to stop. Flambelle is one of the best Pals to get there, and we’re here to show you how to find and catch Flambelle.

Where To Find Flambelle in Palworld

There are two places you can find a Flamebelle. The first place is the Lava biome on the eastern part of the map, just east of the Sealed Realm of the Swift. The second place is the Volcanic biome but on the western edge of the map, near Mount Obsidian and the Ruined Fortress City.

The Palworld map highlighting the location of Flambelle
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The first area, located near the eastern part of the map, is much easier to get to, as well as to find a low-level Flambelle. The Flambelles there spawn at around level 11-13, so you can add one to your Paldeck pretty early on.

The second area is much more difficult, with Flambelle’s there being over level 25. This is reserved for more experienced players, and low-level players shouldn’t venture off here. 

How To Catch Flambelle in Palworld

The easiest way to catch a Flambelle is by finding one in the wild and weakening it to capture it in a Pal Sphere. However, there is another way to get a Flambelle that doesn’t involve finding one. You can look for a regular Scorching Egg and bring it back to your base to incubate.

A player in Palworld runs towards Flambelles at night
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Once it has completed the incubation period, you can then hatch it to have a chance at getting a Flambelle. Since it’s random, Flambelle isn’t guaranteed, but you’re sure to get a nice Fire-type Pal in the process.

What Items Does Flambelle Drop – Flambelle item drops

Flambelle drops Flame Organ and High Quality Pal Oil. High Quality Pal Oil is an essential component for crafting Polymer, a material used to craft high-grade weaponry.

Flame Organ, on the other hand, is useful if you’re making items to deal with fire damage or resist fire damage. Particularly, if you’ve become interested in Fire-type Pals, Flame Organs will help you out during exploration and combat.

What Are Flambelle’s Weaknesses?

Flambelle is a Fire-type Pal, so it’s weak to Water-type Pals. With it being more affected by Water-type Pals, it’s always a good idea to have at least one Water-type Pal with you if you’re going to find a Flambelle. On that note, Relaxaurus is a good Water-type Pal you can get early on in the game while roaming the Ascetic Falls region.

Don’t use Grass-type

Since Flambelle is a Fire-type Pal, it’s strong against Grass-type Pals. If you’re going to go hunt down Flambelle, don’t try to use any of your Grass Pals, since you’ll be at a disadvantage.

That’s everything you need to know about finding and catching Flambelle in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to get Dumud and where to find Daedream if you’re on the hunt for more Pals to add to your Paldeck.

Palworld Flambelle FAQs

Where is the best place to find Flambelle?

Flambelle can be found easily in the lava region of Palpagos, which is east of the Sealed Realm of the Swift. This is where you’ll find the most Flambelles.

What Pals are strong against Flambelle?

The best Pals to fight Flambelle with are Water-type Pals since Flambelle is weak against them. Relaxaurus is a good pick.