Palworld map size – how large is the Palworld map?

Palworld map size – how large is the Palworld map?
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Wondering how the Palworld map size compares to other games, and how large the map really is?

That’s what we’ll go over here, taking a look at the Palworld map size, seeing how it compares to other games, and having a look at what it offers. If you’re after some map specifics though, like dungeon locations or where to find the Jormuntide pal, we’ve got you covered in some other guides.

What is the size of Palworld’s map?

Palworld’s map, the Palapagos Islands, are roughly 16 square kilometres, or six square miles, according to Pocketpair. That’s a sizable amount to explore, but it’s actually not that large compared to a lot of other open world games. For example, The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim has a map that’s about 37 square kilometres/ 14 square miles. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s map is an estimated 84 square kilometres/32 square miles, and the upcoming GTA 6 is rumoured to have a map at a gargantuan 152 square kilometres/59 square miles.

If you’re looking for real world comparisons, the Palapagos Islands are roughly half the size of Lichtenstein, a tiny double-land-locked nation nestled in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria. It’s an estimated 160 sq km. Or how about the Galapagos Islands, where the game’s fictional Palapagos gets its name from? Palworld comes up rather short on this occasion, with the pacific islands off the coast of Ecuador totalling over 8,000 square kilometres, making the game-world almost one hundred times smaller.

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Is Palworld’s map procedurally generated?

Despite the often samey assets used as we pointed out in our Palworld review, the map is entirely hand-made, with each location being built bit by bit or chunk by chunk. This isn’t to say some basic assets aren’t used a lot though, and you’ll likely find a lot of similar looking terrain or ruins if you stare for long enough.

That hopefully covers everything you wanted to know about the Palworld map size. Why not check out some of our other guides too if you’re still curious about the game? Whether you just want to find High-Quality Pal Oil or you’re looking for the best mining pals, we can help you out.