Palworld: All Alpha Pals Bosses – Locations, Coordinates, and how to catch them

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Looking to know all of the Alpha Pals and their locations? These bosses are powerful Pals that you can take on in the overworld for glory and loot. However, they can be tough to get to if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Alpha Pals are some of the most powerful in the game. Whether you’re looking for the best pals to keep on your base or the best pals for planting, these Alpha Pals are sure to fulfill your needs. But, they’re scattered all over Palpagos. If you don’t know what they are, or where to find them, you can be lost. We’re here to let you know all the Alpha Pals in Palworld, along with where you can find them.

All Alpha Pals in Palworld – Level and Coordinates

Here is every Alpha Pal you can find in the overworld, along with their level and location:

Alpha PalLevelLocation (Coordinates)
Chillet Level 11171, -416
Gumoss Level 11-110, -628
SweepaLevel 11-228, -595
Penking Level 15113, -353
Grintale Level 17359, -245
AzurobeLevel 17-23, -386
Nitewing Level 18-273, -69
Felbat Level 23-408, -54
KingpacaLevel 2347, -464
KatressLevel 23241, -335
BushiLevel 23-119, -392
QuivernLevel 23-258, -129
FenglopeLevel 25-256, -457
PetalliaLevel 28-20, -226
BeakonLevel 29-346, -254
ElphidranLevel 3045, -285
Broncherry AquaLevel 30-166, -447
WarsectLevel 30160, -226
Mossanda Lux Level 31442, -180
ElizabeeLevel 3120, -161
UnivoltLevel 31-123, -538
Relaxaurus Lux Level 31-204, -347
LunarisLevel 32-150, -660
VerdashLevel 35286, 8
Mammorest Level 38176, -474
Vaelet Level 38129, -52
Sibelyx Level 40251, 72
Ice Kingpaca Level 43-235, 474
Menasting Level 44513, 100
Jormuntide Level 45-176, -272
Suzaku Level 45403, 254
Anubis Level 47-134, -95
Dinossom LuxLevel 47349, 533
Astegon Level 48-615, -426
BlazamutLevel 49-442, -559
Lyleen NoctLevel 49-163, 339
Necromus Level 50443, 676
Paladius Level 50443, 676
Jetragon Level 50-784, -319
Frostallion Level 50-354, 499

These can all be found in various spots around Palpagos, and you could stumble across them while you explore. However, these are the exact coordinates to find each Alpha Pal if you’re tracking down a specific Pal.

Once you’ve found an Alpha Pal, they will receive an icon marked on the world map. If you’ve defeated the Pal, the icon will become grayed out.

Other places to find Alpha Pals

If you’re looking for other spots to find Alpha Pals, they can also be caught inside of dungeons. Each dungeon you work through will have a boss room that will spawn a random Alpha Pal that is around the level of the dungeon.

You can reroll the dungeon boss if you don’t like the Alpha Pal you got.

the Alpha Pal Quivern in Palworld
Image taken by Videogamer

Rerolling the dice

The Alpha Pal that spawns in the boss room of a dungeon is random. If you doin’t like the Alpha Pal that spawned, you can reroll the boss to get a new one. You can do this however many times you’d like until you get a good Alpha Pal.

How to catch Alpha Pals

The best way to catch Alpha Pals is to bring their health down as low as you can without having their HP at zero. The weaker they are, the more likely you are to catch them.

A player capturing Mammorest in Palworld.
Image taken by Videogamer

Once you’ve gotten their health down low enough, throw a Pal Sphere at them to catch them. For low-level Alpha Pals, you can use less powerful spheres like the Mega Sphere or regular Pal Sphere. However, when facing the high-level Alpha Pals, use your more powerful spheres, such as the Hyper Sphere, Ultra Sphere, or even Legendary Sphere. You don’t want to risk these Pals getting away.

Make sure you don’t bring their health down to zero. The Pal will pass out and you’ll be unable to catch them at all. You’ll need to leave the area and wait for them to respawn to get another chance to get them.

That’s everything you need to know about catching Alpha Pals and where to find them. Be sure to check out how to level up fast in Palworld and how to breed Pals so you can get even more of the best Pals the game has to offer.

Alpha Pals FAQs

How many Alpha Pals are there?

The overworld has 40 Alpha Pals you can find and catch.

Where else can you find Alpha Pals?

Alpha Pals can also be found as dungeon bosses. When you reach the end of the dungeon and enter the boss room, an Alpha Pal will spawn.

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