Palworld 9 best gathering Pals

Palworld 9 best gathering Pals
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Gathering is an important skill in Palworld that allows your Pals to harvest crops from your farms. If you don’t want your Pals to starve, having a farming operation going is essential. Without one, you will end up with a lot of hungry Pals and you might even starve. So, here are the best gathering Pals in Palworld.

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Best Pals with the gathering skill

If you want some good Pals with the gathering skill, you can collect Petallia, Verdash, Frostallion Noct, Robinquills, Vaelet, Jetragon, Beegarde, Elizabee, Quivern, or Lyleen. Each of these Pals are great for their ability to harvest plants in your camp.

Best Pals for gathering in Palworld

There are a lot of Pals with the gathering skill. For instance, you can get Pals like Tanzee, Cattiva, Tombat, Lifmunk, and Vixy near the start of the game. Of course, if you want better Pals, you need to start tracking them down as you progress. Here are the ones we think are the most suited for this work suitability.

  1. Petallia
  2. Verdash
  3. Frostallion Noct
  4. Robinquills
  5. Vaelet
  6. Jetragon
  7. Beegarde / Elizabee
  8. Quivern
  9. Lyleen

Let’s break out our Paldeck and show you why each of these Pals is good for the job in our tier list.


Palworld Best Gathering Pals: Petallia Paldeck information page
Petallia is great for planting and gathering. Image captured by VideoGamer

Petallia is one of the go-to gardening Pals. With levels in the planting, handiwork, medicine production, transporting, and gathering skills, this Pal can do a little bit of everything when it comes to gardening. The only thing it can’t do is produce water to tend to the crops but that is why you have water-type Pals.


You might not get Verdash for a long time but it is well worth going after. While it may go after lumber occasionally, it has all the skills needed to plant and harvest crops. This Pal also has a high handiwork skill for when you need an extra hand crafting some items. Even better, it can transport the crops it grows to storage for you.

Frostallion Noct

Frostallion Noct is another strong Pal that you can get your hands on but not until fairly late in the game. You probably won’t get this Pal until you are around levels 40 to 50, meaning you will get most Pals on this list before this one. Frostallion Noct is one of the few Pals that have a gathering stat at level four, meaning it can gather up plants extremely fast.


Palworld best gathering pals: Paldeck Robinquill information page
Robinquill offers many skills that are useful around camp. Image captured by VideoGamer

Robinquill is a Pal that is a jack-of-all-trades. It has a little bit of levels in half of all the work suitability skills. The best skills it has though are transporting and gathering, making it useful for collecting your plants and transporting them to a nearby container.


Another late-game Pal, Vaelet has a solid planting skill and a good gathering skill. Just like other grass-type Pals on this list, it is very useful for generating crops in your garden as long as you have a water-type Pal to keep your crops wet. It is also a Pal that is great for medicine production so you can keep your Pals healthy.


Jetragon is the ultimate Pal that you can get your hands on in Palworld. This legendary Pal can only be obtained by defeating the alpha world boss variant on the far western side of the map. Once that is done, you will have a Pal that has a gathering stat of level three. Jetragon is also a very powerful dragon-type Pal that is worthy to be on any team.

Beegarde / Elizabee

Palworld best gathering pals: Beegarde Paldeck information page
Beegarde offers a good gathering skill and can also transport items. Image captured by VideoGamer

Beegarde and Elizabee are often found together, making it easy to capture both of them. Beegarde is the preferred Pal for gathering despite it having a lower gathering skill. This is because it can be used to farm Honey for meals. Of course, Elizabee has a higher rank in this partner skill. The only downside is that you can’t use it for honey.


Quivern is a great mid-game Pal that you can get at around level 25. You can even breed a few Pals to get Quivern early if you’d prefer. This Pal has both gathering and mining skills, allowing it to tend to your garden and your rock quarry. It also has the handiwork skills so it can help you craft items.


Lyleen is an amazing Pal with a great healing skill to boot. Lyleen is the only Pal with a level four planting skill, allowing it to quickly plant seeds in your gardens. It also has a level two gathering skill which lets it pick the plants once they are grown. On top of that, it has a level three handiwork skill to help you craft items quickly.

Other pals that are decent at gathering and can be considered are, Beakon, Bristla, Bushi, Helzephyr, Deadream, Nitewing, Jetragon, Flopie, Chillet, Lunaris, Chikipi, Hangyu Cryst, Grintale, and Shadowbeak.

Palworld best gathering Pals – FAQ

What is the gathering work suitability in Palworld?

The gathering work suitability determines how fast a Pal can harvest crops from a garden.

Do gathering Pals also transport the food to the food box?

No. Gathering Pals only harvest the crops and leave them in the garden. A transporting Pal is needed to move them to the food box.