How to unlock Golden Ivory Camo in MW3 fast – our 6 ways to clear its challenges

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Want to unlock the Golden Ivory camo in MW3? It’s interesting to see MW2 weapons get unique camos for progression in the sequel. 

In addition to making guns more flashy, they’re a showcase of the effort you’ve put into the game. Here’s how to get the Interstellar camo in MW3. And since the Golden Ivory camo will have you diving into the Zombies mode, here are our MW3 Zombies tips and tricks.

MW3 Golden Ivory camo: A screenshot of a Golden Ivory Camo weapon in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
A screenshot of a Golden Ivory Camo weapon in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to get Golden Ivory Camo in MW3 fast in 6 steps

Complete an MW2 weapon’s four base camo challenges in Zombies and then clear its Golden Ivory challenge to get the camo in MW3. The four Zombie Base Camo Challenges differ for each weapon. They tend to revolve around getting kills of certain types. For instance, fighting mercenaries in Zombies is different from hellhound kills. As for the Golden Ivory Camo Challenge, it is usually related to getting a number of zombie kills and a successful exfil. Here’s how to exfil in MW3 Zombies.

These are the main objectives to get the Golden Ivory camo in MW3:

  • Four base Zombies camo challenges
  • Golden Ivory challenge, usually zombie kills and exfil
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Failing to exfil erases progress towards the Golden Ivory camo

Even if you manage to rack up a load of kills in Zombies, dying before leaving the exfil point will prevent these from being added to the challenge bar. So be careful.

Here’s how to quickly rake up kills to get the Golden Ivory Camo:

  • Delay leaving an exfil point as much as possible – After calling in an exfil, a timer shows you how much time you have left. This is when hordes of zombies will close in on your position. Try to survive for as long as you can to maximize your kill rate.
  • Use toxic damage with Experimental Gas in crowded spaces – Lowering the health of enemies before using your gun lets you kill hordes of enemies quicker.
  • Clear contracts, Infected Strongholds, and Aether Nests – These mini-quests let you find loads of zombies in tight spaces, perfect for bumping up those rookie numbers. We think it’s worth destroying these as you find them. They also offer mission progression like MW3 Hostile Takeover.
  • Use higher weapon rarities, Ammo Mods, and Pack-A-Punch – Using these Zombies mechanics will enhance your damage and the rate at which you extinguish zombie hordes. Here’s how to get the Cryo Ammo Mod in MW3 Zombies.
  • Try exploits like the monkey bomb and unlimited sentry glitches in MW3 – These can make earning camos absurdly easy.
  • Note that this challenge’s difficulty depends on the weapon – Getting these kills is simple with an assault rifle but might be a challenge with a handgun or sniper.
MW3 Golden Ivory camo: A screenshot of a Golden Ivory Camo AR weapon in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
This assault rifle has the Golden Ivory camo. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Is it worth getting the Golden Ivory camo in MW3 Zombies

Regardless of whether you like how it looks or not, this camo is essential to progress toward the other Completionist Zombies Camos for MW2 weapons. These include Spinel Husk, Arachnida, and Bioluminescent camos. So if you want any of them, be ready to clear this camo challenge for several weapons. Outside of that, the skin itself looks pretty great. Its gold textures look pretty premium.

Remember that weapon challenge progress carries over from MW2 and Warzone, meaning that some of these challenges might already be done if you’ve played the previous games. This makes it even easier to obtain this reward as a returning player. An official blog post revealed that returning players can expect many such camos for legacy weapons from MW2.

How to fix Golden Ivory camo not unlocking in MW3

Some players have reported facing issues with unlocking this particular camo in MW3. Here are some steps you can try if your weapon is not letting you progress toward the Golden Ivory camo:

  • Don’t Pack-A-Punch or increase its weapon rarity. While this reduces your effectiveness in combat, players report that this fixed the issue for them.
  • Bring that specific weapon as an insured weapon. While you might lose it if you don’t exfil, this can fix the error of progression for the Golden Ivory camo.
  • Use a blueprint for that specific weapon. That should hopefully resolve the issue.

That covers how to get the Golden Ivory camo in MW3. As you work towards this camo, you’ll gain plenty of rewards from the MW3 Zombies Act 1 missions. Check out our recommendations for the best MW3 Zombies weapons to start your camo hunt on the right foot. Try Zombies out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.


Is there an issue with Golden Ivory tracking in MW3 Zombies?

The developers have noted the issue for some players and are working on a fix.

Is the Golden Ivory camo a good option in MW3?

With its gold design and elegant patterns, the Golden Ivory camo is a good option that doesn’t take too long to unlock.

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