How to get PHD Flopper in MW3 Zombies for free – complete its explosions challenge with our 5 methods

How to get PHD Flopper in MW3 Zombies for free – complete its explosions challenge with our 5 methods
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Wondering how to get PHD Flopper in MW3 Zombies? Right in the first week, Sledgehammer Games asked players to find the elusive perk and get 30 kills with it. 

This can seem confusing to some players so read on for a comprehensive guide that details how to get this item and its special effects. If you want to learn more about all the perks in MW3 Zombies like Jugger-Nog, Deadshot Daquiri, and Stamin-Up, we’ve got you covered. And if you want to play with friends, check if MW3 Zombies supports split-screen.

Get the PHD Flopper for free in MW3 with our top two methods

The PHD Flopper is a perk that grants immunity to fall damage and a special explosion when the player dives to prone. Diving to prone triggers an explosion that scales with the height of the jump. Want to minimize the time and effort for getting the PHD Flopper explosions? A free perk is a rather tempting proposition, especially since this will allow you to focus on tougher missions and contracts. Read on for our two methods of obtaining this item for free:

  • Craft a PHD Flopper with its Schematic for free – Some contracts or mission rewards can offer you the PHD Flopepr Schematic. Exfil with this reward and you’ll be able to create it before your next Zombies playthrough. Just remember that doing so starts a cooldown, ensuring that you can’t spam this ability. 
  • Jump into the pool from the Shahin Manor roof to get this perk – This secret location lets you get the PHD Flopper perk for free. Jump into the pool near Mister Peeks and you’ll activate a Reward Rift with this perk.
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PHD Flopper’s damage scales with the height of the jump

Diving into prone from tall buildings let you deal even more damage to enemies. Use this against armored zombies and mercenaries.

MW3 PHD Flopper: An image of the Acqusition Stash in the game.
Using Schematics can let you get perks like PHD Flopper for free. Image taken by VideoGamer.

Find the PHD Flopper in Modern Warfare 3 in three ways

In MW3 Zombies, the PHD Flopper can be found in loot caches, Reward Rifts after contracts, and from vendors scattered across the map. Here’s a clearer explanation of how to get the PHD Flopper in MW3 Zombies:

  • Purchase it from a perk machine vendor for 2000 Essence – On the Tac Map, look for a nuclear sign. Hover over it and you’ll be able to check which perk this vendor sells. Find one that sells the PHD Flopper, head over there, and purchase it. Remember to exfil in MW3 Zombies if you want to use this perk later on.
  • Find a contract that offers the PHD Flopper as a reward – As you complete contracts in the MW3 Zombies map, you gain powerful rewards. Look out for higher-value contracts for a chance at this perk.
  • Get the PHD Flopper perk from a loot cache – The odds of this are pretty rare but some loot caches offer access to perks. Mercenary Caches can be found in Mercenary Stronghold scattered around the map. You can also find caches in Aether Nests. One particularly rewarding activity is destroying the mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies.

Is the PHD Flopper worth the effort and how to maximise its potential

While it can take a while to acquire this perk, the explosions triggered by diving to prone is a great offensive tool. There’s a trick to making the most of it. Sure, you can just dive to prone wherever you are in earlier threat levels. But later on, zombies gain more health.

In that case, you can still clear large waves of enemy forces just by diving from tall buildings. This is because the damage you trigger is scaled to the height that you jump from. And don’t worry about dying from a steep fall as this perk grants immunity to fall damage. 

That covers the PHD Flopper in MW3 Zombies. Check out our best MW3 loadouts if you want more straightforward paths to success in Call of Duty’s multiplayer lobbies. And if you’re considering an expensive upgrade, check if the MW3 Vault Edition is worth it.


Is the PHD Flopper good in MW3 Zombies?

The PHD Flopper’s explosions are a good situational tool.

Can you purchase any perk from a vendor in MW3 Zombies?

No, a vendor will only offer one perk picked at random.