How to find and destroy mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies

How to find and destroy mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies
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If you’ve been playing through the new undead extraction mode in the latest CoD entry, you may have wondered how to find and destroy a mercenary convoy in MW3 zombies at some point. Fortunately, we’re here to show you what you need to do so you can clear this particular mission quickly.

Before we proceed, though, we recommend studying the basics by learning how to exfil in MW3 zombies and how to craft in MW3 zombies. However, if you’re already familiar with the fundamentals, keep reading to find out what you need to do to finish the Tier 2 Interceptor mission once and for all in Modern Warfare 3. It’s one of the many story missions you’ll encounter.

How to destroy the mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies

To destroy a mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies mode, you’ll need to eliminate all of the enemies within one. We suggest bringing a Rocket Launcher with you so you can quickly dispatch all of the combatants hellbent on ruining your run. Alternatively, you can utilize grenades and weapons like assault rifles to obliterate the enemies and armored trucks instead, but using an RPG makes the job way easier. A teammate could help knock out enemies with a sniper rifle to pick them off.

While you don’t need to ensure that the three pickup trucks in the convoy are destroyed, aiming and firing a rocket at each one makes things easier. You don’t need to follow the mission description word-for-word. Once you’ve downed the last mercenary, they will drop a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard, which you’ll need to pick up to complete the Interceptor mission. Remember to loot the Mercenary Caches in the back of each truck as well. That keycard is pretty important, too, as it lets you raid a Mercenary Stronghold and get the Legacy Stronghold Keycard.

This second keycard then lets you face the main merc base in the north of the MW3 Zombies map and open the boss’s hideout. There are some incredible rewards here but an attack helicopter is a tough target to vanquish in the new Zombies mode. Be prepared if you’ve decided to hunt them down.

Where to find mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies

To find a mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies, you’ll need to drive around the highway between Level 1 and 2 zones. The large two-lane highway above a large city area that circles the map near the orange medium threat zone is a good place to look.

These are the typical areas where they can be located, which means you may need to roam around this section for a few minutes. Luckily, once you’ve found it while driving, Dobbs will notify you of the convoy via a little radio dialogue on comm. The game will mark it on your map with three red vehicle icons. These red vehicles are your targets.

Alternatively, you can also find a mercenary convoy by locating and heading over to three armored trucks parked one in front of the other instead. Keep in mind, though, that this is the more difficult method since the game won’t mark the vehicles on your mini-map as a random event.

That covers all you need to know about how to find and destroy a mercenary convoy in MW3 zombies. Taking down mercs as a part of the Interceptor mission and then working towards the final special reward is a challenge worth pursuing. Setting up an ambush is your best bet to knock out these mercenary vehicles before tackling their strongholds. The armored cars are worth the loot. For more, check out our Call of Duty guides on how to fix MW3 Vault Edition not working, MW3 Armory Unlocks, and the best maps in MW3.

Do you have to destroy every vehicle in the mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies?

No, you only need to kill the mercs to retrieve the loot and the keycard to complete the Interceptor mission.

Can you access the Mercenary Caches if you destroy the mercenary convoy vehicles in MW3 Zombies?

Yes, the Mercenary Caches will still drop if you destroy the vehicles.