Insane ‘unlimited sentry gun’ glitch is taking over MW3 zombies and lets you farm XP

Insane ‘unlimited sentry gun’ glitch is taking over MW3 zombies and lets you farm XP
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 may have been getting a tough time lately in terms of its single-player campaign, but there’s no denying that MW3 zombies is a lot of fun. Sadly, though, even that game mode isn’t immune from the odd glitch or two.

The latest one, although a game-breaking glitch, is actually the easiest and fastest way to accrue weapon XP in the latest entry to the Call of Duty series. MW3 fans realised there’s a way of getting an unlimited sentry guns in the mode – which means you can just plant the weapons down, and it’ll give you tons of ‘free’ weapon XP. Just to clear, we’re not talking about one sentry gun with unlimited ammo. No… we’re talking about multiple sentry guns you can position around your team and let them do all the work when the zombies attack.

The insane glitch has already made its way on to YouTube and Reddit, with a number of creators demonstrating how to do it, as well as the best positions for the sentry guns. The key is to set heaps of them up at the exfils, then sit back and watch them do the work. As they mow down the zombie hordes, you’ll get tons of XP, which you’ll be able to use to upgrade your weapon and unlock attachments.

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The sentry guns in action (image taken by

Another cool way of exploiting this gltich is to put a sentry gun in the front of your vehicle. This allows you to mow down the undead whilst on the move, as well as improving mobility to ensure you’re not cornered. We’d recommend a combination here – especially at the exfil sites. One of the team could be mobile with a sentry on a truck, for example, while others could hide behind a nest of sentries and watch the XP pour in.

How to get unlimited sentry guns in MW3

It’s really easy to do. To get the glitch unlocked, you need to get 2,000 Essence and then go to a buy station and grab a sentry. You only need one. Then, to duplicate them, hover over the sentry gun in your inventory, then drop it while doing the animation of placing it.

A screenshot of a video game with a glitch involving a gun.
The XP will pour in thanks to this glitch but you’ll need to be fast as it’s likely going to get patched (Image by

Then just keep doing it as much as you want. From what we can see, there are no limits to how many you can have, but be warned – make the most of this now, as we think it’ll likely get patched.

If you’re after more XP a more traditional way, you may want to check out when the next Double XP weekend is in MW3. These are great, intense periods where you’ll get double the amount of XP – meaning you’ll get the unlocks you want quicker.