How to get toxic damage kills in MW3 Zombies fast – our 2 methods to unlock the Blister Digital TAQ-56 camo

How to get toxic damage kills in MW3 Zombies fast – our 2 methods to unlock the Blister Digital TAQ-56 camo
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Looking to get toxic damage kills in MW3 Zombies? Players have been eyeing the Blister Digital TAQ-56 camo which requires you to deal toxic damage to unlock it. If you want to make the process simple, we’ve got a guide for you.

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Get toxic damage kills fast in MW3 Zombies with these two methods

Use the Brain Rot Ammo Mod or the Experimental Gas grenade to deal toxic damage in MW3 Zombies. While these may sound straightforward, it’s not easy to rack up kills just by using these on random enemies. Read on to learn how to get these two items and the best way to maximize your killing potential. After all, you need 250 toxic damage kills for the Blister Digital TAQ-56 camo. Use these two tricks to optimize your killing spree with toxic damage in MW3:

  • Deal toxic damage in crowded spots like exfil points and buildings – Just as I was about to exfil in MW3 Zombies, I spotted a horde of enemies circling my squad. We jumped over short walls to pack them into a corner and I tossed in an Experimental Gas grenade for some quick kills. Corridors are another great location to focus fire. Borrow my method to sweep the map clean.
  • Pair poison damage with perks and other weapons – The biggest mistake I made at first was trying to lower enemy health before finishing them off with toxic tools. However, you don’t need to do it that way. Any amount of toxic damage counts as long as you manage to kill your enemies.
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Toxic damage is less effective at higher threat levels

If your main focus is racking up kills, try to stick to the earlier tiers of threats since these enemies have lower health. We’ve learned that this lets you get more toxic damage kills easily.

A screenshot of an experimental gas grenade in MW3 Zombies. Image taken by VideoGamer.
A screenshot of an experimental gas grenade in MW3 Zombies. Image taken by VideoGamer.

How to get Brain Rot Ammo mod in MW3 Zombies in two steps

Brain Rot Ammo lets you indirectly deal toxic damage to enemies. It can convert enemy zombies to your side and their attacks deal toxic damage. Once foes are damaged by this, other weapons can be used to take them down and it will still count towards the camo challenge. Here’s how you can quickly gain access to Brain Rot Ammo in MW3:

  • Get the Brain Rot Ammo mod schematic – Here’s what you need to know about schematics in MW3 Zombies. You can use this to create Brain Rot Ammo before entering a Zombies map but it’s hard to find and works on a cooldown. Check Infested Strongholds for Aether Caches and Reward Rifts after completing contracts. One mission that offers Mercenary Caches is destroying the mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies. Just remember to exfil once you get it.
  • Find the Brain Rot Ammo mod from loot caches and contract rewards – This is randomized so it can take a while to find. Higher-value contracts can offer loot caches and Reward Rifts with Ammo mods.

Where to find Experimental Gas in Modern Warfare 3 in two ways

Experimental Gas is a grenade that creates clouds of toxic fumes that deal toxic damage to zombies and mercenaries. Even if it damages enemies a little, killing them yourself after that counts as a toxic damage kill. Here are our quickest ways of getting your hands on Experimental Gas in MW3 Zombies:

  • Reach level 18 and complete five daily challenges to unlock Experimental Gas – This method ensures you’ll drop into infected Urzikstan with one of these tools. Doing so practically guarantees a couple of toxic damage kills from a match.
  • Find Experimental Gas scattered across the map – Be it Strongholds, Aether Nests, or any other random location, there’s a good chance of finding one of these grenades. Exploration will help you here. And if you want to clean the entire map, Death Perception’s x-ray vision for items from the perks in MW3 Zombies is a good boon to have.

That covers how to get toxic damage kills in MW3 Zombies. Read up on our MW3 Zombies tips and tricks to make your next attempt easier. Note that you can also earn experience and get new gear by clearing MW3 Zombies Act 1 missions. Try Zombies for yourself for the camo now that the game is out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.


What is toxic damage in MW3 Zombies?

Toxic damage lets you deal damage over time to enemies in the game mode.

How does the Brain Rot Ammo mod work in MW3 Zombies?

Brain Rot Ammo lets you temporarily convert zombies to your side.