Can you play MW3 zombies solo? – Here’s what we think

Can you play MW3 zombies solo? – Here’s what we think
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So you want to play MW3 zombies solo? You’ve got nerve then. Zombies once again haunt the world of Call of Duty in Modern Warfare 3, and players are ready to send these undead abominations back to the depths from which they emerged. 

Although zombie mode is primarily designed to be a multiplayer experience, there are times when you’d want to test your skills to see how long you can survive against hordes of the undead. So that’s what we’ll be helping you out within this guide. But if you’re planning on taking zombies alone, we suggest going in with the best MW3 loadout


Can you play MW3 zombies solo?

You can play Zombies mode alone and by yourself in Modern Warfare 3 by simply turning off the ‘Squad Fill’ option below the loadout screen just before you start a match. Once you tick this setting off, you’ll be thrown into a map where it’ll be just you taking on hordes of the undead and trying to survive. 

Apart from just putting down zombies for XP, you’ll also have the chance to complete various missions to rack up more rewards throughout the time you will be in the match. A lot of these missions are often complicated and it might be hard for you to figure out your objective straightaway with zombies coming at you from every corner of the game. 

A soldier wielding a gun, ready to play MW3 zombies solo.

It’s also worth noting that Modern Warfare 3’s zombie mode is not entirely a solo experience. While you won’t have a squad that can watch your back or help you get back up when you’ve been put down by zombies, there will be other random players in the same match as you playing either solo or squad-based matches as the game brings players together to fill a lobby. 

If that wasn’t the case, it would simply be impossible for any one player to survive the hordes of zombies in a game with limited movement around the maps. Solo players have the freedom to undertake various tasks, such as eliminating zombies and completing contracts, just like they would in a team. However, tackling these challenges solo will naturally increase the difficulty. If you’re up for a real challenge, best of luck to you!

If you’d like to enhance your experience, consider trying out the split screen feature or even learn how to use tactical stance in MW3 to increase your chances of winning matches.