How to complete MW3 Zombies Hostile Takeover – our 4 steps to all safe locations

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Looking to complete Hostile Takeover in MW3 Zombies? Opening safes and getting kills at the same time might sound odd so this guide should help you understand exactly what to do.

Our MW3 Zombies tips and tricks will come in handy as you face waves of challenging enemies. And if you want to add some style to your attacks, here’s how to do a finishing move in MW3.

What are the Hostile Takeover objectives and rewards in MW3 Zombies

Hostile Takeover is a Tier 5 mission in Operation Deadbolt, the first act of MW3 Zombies. Loot 3 safes and kill 50 enemies while looting a safe to complete it. This rewards you with the Masked And Angry Charm and 1500 bonus XP. Looting safes can be done via Raid Weapon Stash contracts or storming Strongholds. But only the first option allows you to rake up kills towards finishing the mission.

Here are the main objectives of Hostile Takeover in MW3:

  • Loot 3 safes
  • Kill 50 enemies while looting a safe
MW3 Hostile Takeover: An image of the Tac Map highlighting a Raid Weapon Stash contract in the game.
Here’s a Raid Weapon Stash icon on the Tac Map. Image taken by VideoGamer.

Steps to finish a Raid Weapon Stash contract

Now that we’ve established that these contracts are the easier way to finish this mission, here’s how to go about doing it:

  • Find the nearest Raid Weapon Stash contract. It’ll be marked with a blue icon on your Tac Map. Hovering over it will mention the name of the contract.
  • Head there and you’ll spot a phone. Interact with it to start the contract. It’ll point you to a nearby Weapons Stash.
  • Once you interact with the Weapons Stash, the drilling starts. This starts a timer that brings in hordes of zombies and hellhounds towards you.
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Don’t run from a safe as this halts the drilling

While hellhounds and tough zombies might tempt you to leave your position to move around them, don’t move too far from the safe. This can slow down your progress so be wary of the safe’s location.

Survive and you will get a Reward Rift with all sorts of gear. I managed to get perks in MW3 Zombies from here.

MW3 Hostile Takeover: A Reward Rift after a Raid Weapon Stash contract in the game.
Reward Rifts contain all sorts of interesting gear. Image taken by VideoGamer.

All safe locations in MW3 Zombies 

Do this sequence thrice at three safes and you should be able to finish the mission. If you’re wondering where these safes are, we’ve got a handy list. Usually, they reward weapons that are better than what you have. This is especially true in tier 2 and tier 3 zones. Remember to exfil in MW3 Zombies to keep your precious loot.

Here’s a list of all the safe locations in MW3 Zombies:

  • In the Popov Power complex, right above its name on the Tac Map. This is to the north of the entire map.
  • Above the Orlov Military Base. You’ll find it on the north side of the map.
  • Right below the Urzikstan Cargo name on the map. It’s to the east in the orange tier 2 threat zone.
  • Right above the Zaravan Suburbs name on the Tac Map. This one’s to the south of the Red Zone, near the border of the orange tier 2 zone and the regular tier 1 zone.
  • A little to the right of the Zaravan Suburbs. Move around the highway that splits the tier 1 and tier 2 zones and you should find it on the Tac Map.

That covers everything you need to know about the Hostile Takeover mission in MW3 Zombies. Check out all the MW3 Zombies Act 1 missions list for your next set of objectives. And if you want to try an exciting perk, here’s how to get PHD Flopper for free in MW3 Zombies. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has a new take on the established Zombies mode that has plenty of twists. Try it out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.


How to loot safes in MW3 Zombies?

Go near a safe during a Raid Weapon Stash contract and interact with the Reward Rift after drilling to loot it.

Are safes worth it in MW3 Zombies?

Safes have powerful weapons and gear, making them worth your time.

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