Is The Thaumaturge multiplayer? The Thaumaturge co-op explained

Is The Thaumaturge multiplayer? The Thaumaturge co-op explained
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Is The Thaumaturge multiplayer? You might be planning on picking up the game, exploring the streets of Warsaw hunting down supernatural beings, but wondering if you’ll be able to play with a friend. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide to tell you whether or not there is any multiplayer or co-op support in The Thaumaturge.

Be sure to check out The Thaumaturge release date so you can be ready to jump into the game as soon as it comes out. And if you’re wondering is The Thaumaturge on console, we’ve got a guide to tell you what you need to know. For now though, let’s take a look at whether or not The Thaumaturge is multiplayer.

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Does The Thaumaturge have multiplayer?

The Thaumaturge is a purely single-player game, and as such has no option to play the game in multiplayer. The Thaumaturge is a story-driven RPG, and will see the player take on a linear story mode, with elements of the story tailored based on your actions and dialogue choices.

With only one main protagonist to control, it’s perhaps unsurprising that there is no co-op playthrough of The Thaumaturge. And once you consider the fact that the game responds to and changes based on your personal playthrough, it becomes difficult to see how the game would work if multiple players were able to play together simultaneously.

Will The Thaumaturge get a co-op mode in the future?

At the time of writing, there has been no news from developer Fool’s Theory or publisher 11 bit studios, but we think it is highly unlikely that The Thaumaturge will get a co-op mode in the future. The way the game is structured, with a strong focus on story and the choices players make, The Thaumaturge would likely not work very well as a co-op game.

That being said, never say never, and there is always the possibility that a co-op mode becomes available in the future, especially if enough players are asking for it.

That’s everything you need to know about The Thaumaturge multiplayer. If you’re looking for some more info on the game, our is The Thaumaturge on Switch and is The Thaumaturge on Game Pass guides have got you covered.