Is The Thaumaturge on Game Pass? Xbox Game Pass support explained

Is The Thaumaturge on Game Pass? Xbox Game Pass support explained
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Wondering is The Thaumaturge on Game Pass? Developed by Fool’s Theory and published by 11 bit studios, the game sees players exploring the streets of Warsaw, using your unique powers to take on some supernatural beasts. But if you wanted to try it out, is it on Game Pass? We’re here to answer exactly that.

Make sure to check out The Thaumaturge release date so you know exactly when you can get the game yourself and start hunting salutors across Poland’s capital. For now though, let’s take a look at whether or not The Thaumaturge is on Game Pass, so you can try it out with your subscription.

Is The Thaumaturge on Game Pass: Wiktor walking around a pub in The Thaumaturge.
Image provided by 11 bit studios

Is The Thaumaturge on Game Pass?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing The Thaumaturge is not on Game Pass. While the game is initially releasing on PC, and is set to receive a release for Xbox Series X/S later on in the year, there has been no announcement that the game is coming to Game Pass, meaning players will have to purchase it if they want to play it.

It wouldn’t have been a surprise to see it make its way onto the service. Other games from 11 bit studios such as Frostpunk are available on Game Pass, while The Thaumaturge would have fit in well with many other indie titles that are available on the platform.

Will The Thaumaturge be on Game Pass in the future?

Currently, there has been no announcement about The Thaumaturge coming to Game Pass in the future. As such, while it’s possible the game could come to the service one day, we simply don’t know right now. 

It’s certainly possible that the game could come to game pass when it comes out on Xbox later on in the year. This would allow players to buy the game for a few months, giving the studio and publisher some initial sales, before opening it up to a wider audience with a release on Game Pass. 

That being said, until we receive an official announcement, we wouldn’t count on the game coming out on Game Pass anytime soon. In the meantime, why not check out if The Thaumaturge is on Switch too? And if you need help with the game, take a look at some of our guides for some help.