The Thaumaturge release date – gameplay, story, trailer and more

The Thaumaturge release date – gameplay, story, trailer and more
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Wondering when The Thaumaturge release date is? The story-driven RPG is set to take players across the streets of Poland’s capital of Warsaw, using your abilities as the eponymous thaumaturge to investigate the city’s supernatural goings-on. So if you’re looking to get in on the action, when does the game come out?

In the meantime, make sure to check out the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC release date and the Mortal Kombat 1 crossplay release date too if you’re interested in either of those. But for now, let’s take a look at The Thaumaturge release date, as well as some of the gameplay, story, and trailers for the game.

The Thaumaturge release date: Wiktor walking through an office.
Image provided by 11 bit studios

The Thaumaturge release date

The Thaumaturge release date is Monday 4 March 2024 for PC only. There hasn’t been any announcement of an early access, and with a simultaneous global release, players everywhere will be able to start playing the game at the same time. The game was initially scheduled for release back in December 2023, but received a short delay to polish the game up.

At the time of writing, we don’t have confirmation about the exact time that the game will release. However, we predict that the game will launch at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET. This is based on the time that Steam updates its store daily, and when many games tend to receive their launches on the platform.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to play on consoles, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The current release window for The Thaumaturge on PS5 and Xbox Series X is Q1 2024. So while it won’t be long, we still don’t have a set date.

Fun Fact

While developers Fool’s Theory previously worked on another title back in 2017 called Seven: The Days Long Gone, The Thaumaturge is their first release as the sole developers.

The Thaumaturge story

The Thaumaturge sees you take control of the eponymous thaumaturge, Wiktor Szulski. Using his otherworldly powers, Wiktor returns to his home town of Warsaw to investigate supernatural entities known as salutors. By capturing them, he can increase his own powers while curing the afflictions of those affected by them.

The Thaumaturge release date: Wiktor in combat against multiple enemies on a Warsaw street.
Image provided by 11 bit studios

The Thaumaturge gameplay

The Thaumaturge is a story-driven RPG, so you’ll have the chance to create your own build with skill points earned through levelling up. This will help you out in the game’s turn-based combat, combining you and your salutors’ powers to overcome your enemies.

Outside of combat, you explore Warsaw with an isometric view, searching for clues as to the whereabouts of salutors. This will involve talking to other characters and discerning their personalities, using your powers to manipulate them into doing your bidding. Key to The Thaumaturge’s RPG system is the choices you make, many of which have an impact on how your story plays out.

The Thaumaturge trailer

The Thaumaturge gameplay trailer first released in October 2023. As well as some pretty cinematics and some shots of Wiktor exploring Warsaw, we get a few introductions to some of the game’s mechanics, such as the salutors and their powers, the combat system, and using your powers to investigate your surroundings.

And in February 2024, we received The Thaumaturge quest trailer. This longer trailer gives us a deeper look into the game, taking players through a short quest. We see how the protagonist, Wiktor, interacts with other characters, as well as how the gameplay mechanics are used to progress the story. 

That’s everything we know about The Thaumaturge release date. Be sure to check back once it releases for some helpful guides to take you through the game.