Is GTA 6 cross platform? Why crossplay for PS5 and Xbox could and might not happen

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Rockstar has given fans the very first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s a slice-of-life trailer that provides a glance at the new setting and characters. Obviously, it looks amazing because it’s from Rockstar, but it’s important to note that it all pertains to the single-player story only. When it comes to online, lots of people want to know if GTA 6 will be cross-platform with crossplay between PS5 and Xbox. There is no official answer yet, but there are reasons to believe it both could and might not happen.

It is not available to buy as of yet, but the speculated GTA 6 pre-order price from analysts is more expensive than Grand Theft Auto 5. Speculation is rampant from voice actors for Lucia and her male co-star to whether the new protagonists will meet the same fate as their real-life inspiration. It promises to be a fantastic retelling of the classic tale of Bonnie and Clyde, and we cannot wait to experience the story and world in single-player.

However, while single-player is exciting, there are millions of gamers more curious about online. Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the biggest multiplayer games, and fans are expecting something similarly huge for GTA 6. And what could instantly make it bigger is the introduction of crossplay and cross-platform multiplayer.

Will be GTA 6 be crossplay?

Rockstar has not stated if there will be crossplay for GTA 6 between PS5 and Xbox. Nothing about online gameplay has been revealed let alone cross-platform multiplayer. However, there are reasons to believe it both could and might not happen. The reason it might not happen is because there is no crossplay at all in either Grand Theft Auto Online or Red Dead Online. No explanation has been provided in regard to why not, but it could possibly be because of mods and cheats on PC.

While GTAO and RDO do not have cross-platform multiplayer at all, NBA 2K24 finally introduced crossplay for the first time between PS5 and Xbox Series X/S only. Rockstar and 2K are both under the Take-Two Interactive umbrella, so perhaps Rockstar could follow suit introducing online gameplay between consoles only. This would eliminate the risk of cheats and mods that come with inviting PC players to the console space.

Unfortunately, gamers will not be able to get GTA 6 on PC from day one. As of writing, it is only confirmed to be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with PC expected to follow shortly after. If you’re still stuck on last-gen consoles, know that it is not coming to PS4 and Xbox One at all.

The release date window for the game is 2025. Rockstar has not stated what quarter of the year it will arrive, so it could be anywhere from spring to fall. If similar to GTA 5, then online multiplayer won’t arrive until months after.

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