Seven things we’ve learned from the GTA 6 trailer (so far)

Seven things we’ve learned from the GTA 6 trailer (so far)
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It came several hours earlier than we expected, but the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer is now here and in the wild. The GTA 6 trailer dropped the best part of 14 hours early, Rockstar’s response to an unfortunate leak which forced their hand.

The bad news is that unfortunately for those of us who are impatient – the game won’t be arriving until 2025. The good news is that means fans have plenty of time to pour over all the information over the next twelve or so months trying to learn as much as they can – starting with this trailer. Of course, we’ve wasted no time in going through it ourselves – and have come away with seven things about Rockstar’s highly anticipated next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

It takes two (protagonists)

First off, it looks like we’ll be following two protagonists in GTA 6. We’re introduced firstly to Lucia – the first female main character in GTA history – who’s no stranger to the world of crime. In fact, our first shot of her appears to be in some kind of prison, as she speaks to another character who’s presumably her parole officer. We don’t get quite as much info on our second character, but it looks like he’s Lucia’s partner in crime in both senses of the word (it’s rumoured their name is Jason, but it hasn’t been confirmed just yet). A sort of Bonnie and Clyde-esque story, perhaps? It certainly looks that way.

Animals are most definitely back

At 43 seconds in the trailer, we see someone wrestling an alligator out of a swimming pool. It doesn’t take long before that same gator is terrorising some people in the city, so we feel pretty confident is saying this confirms wild animals will make their return in GTA 6. Elsewhere in the trailer, we see dolphins, whales – even a little chihuahua on the beach. While animals appeared a little in GTA 5, they’d get featured more heavily in the game’s Xbox One and PS4 versions, even adding some dedicated missions where you got to play as them for a while. Will the same be the case for GTA 6? It seems almost a dead cert if this anything to go by.

Vice City, Baby!

Maybe the most obvious thing, but if there was any doubt before – it’s been blown away by the strains of Tom Petty. We are fully back in perhaps the series’ most iconic location – Vice City. The Miami-expy is front and center of the trailer – as we see those familiar palm-tree lined streets, the neon and of course, the beaches. It does look like we might get to explore some cool locales around the city though – as the trailer shows a surrounding bayou complete with an airboat. If we’re not able to drive those around in the game, we’ll eat our proverbial hats.

Midnight Club

Long time Rockstar fans may remember the studio hasn’t just made GTA. They also made a fairly popular underground racing series called Midnight Club. While GTA is no stranger to underground car racing scene – especially in GTA Online – it’s interesting to see it front and center here, and it definitely gives us Midnight Club vibes. Could the spiritual successor to that series be a part of GTA 6? We certainly wouldn’t be against the idea.

Now, that’s what I call music!

Ask anyone about GTA: Vice City, and you can literally count down the seconds before they mention the music. GTA VC’s soundtrack was its lifeblood – and Rockstar are acutely aware of this. It’s leaned into that, by using Tom Petty’s Love is a Long Road. Choosing a track from 1989 was a deliberate choice – and though the game clearly takes place in modern times given all the social media references in the trailer, you can bet your bottom dollar the soundtrack will certainly not shy away from some classic 80s tunes. Start placing your bets now. (And if we can request Mr Mister’s Broken Wings, please.)

So. Many. Vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto is known for its vehicles, and if this trailer is anything to go by, the range that’ll be available in GTA 6 will not disappoint – and Rockstar are smart enough to know if they feature them in the trailer, they’ll have to be in the game at some point. Some highlights we spotted – aside from the previously noted airboat – Monster Trucks, dirt bikes, jet skis, quadbikes, speedboats, low-riders, helicopters, biplanes, commercial planes, yachts – chances are, if it exists, it’s gonna be in there.

2025 is gonna be a long wait

Right now 2025 seems a long way off – over a year at the time of writing, in fact. It’s certainly going to be a hard twelve months and possibly more, pending any potential delays. But touch wood that won’t be necessary, and the devs are given enough time to develop this in a healthy manner. Even judging on this initial look – and the reaction to the trailer already – the hype is absolutely going to sustain most of us all the way to launch, whenever that may be. GTA looks bigger and better than ever with so much to see and do – and while it’s too early to say if it’ll absolutely live up to the promises of the trailer, you can be sure that regardless, fans will be counting down the days until it’s in their hands and chomping at every further morsel Rockstar put out about the game between then and now.