Fans speculate GTA 6 voice actors for who plays Lucia and more

Fans speculate GTA 6 voice actors for who plays Lucia and more
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Grand Theft Auto 6 has finally been revealed. It’s really sad that its reveal was hastened thanks to leaks, but the trailer is out and fans are incredibly excited. We’ve gotten an official look at the game’s protagonists, and the community is already in love with Lucia. Details are very minute at the moment, but fans are speculating about the GTA 6 voice actors for who possibly plays Lucia and her romantic counterpart believed to be named Jason.

Rockstar’s GTA 6 trailer already has 50 million views. There are plenty of things we have learned from the trailer, and one of the most frustrating is that the game isn’t coming out until sometime in 2025. This was always rumored to be the case, but it’s understandable that fans are impatient as the game looks spectacular. The graphics are gorgeous, the open-world looks insane, the NPCs look real, and the story is promising.

When it comes to the story, Lucia is a female protagonist alongside her partner previously leaked as Jason. The cast of voice actors hasn’t been revealed by Rockstar, but fan speculation is rampant.

Who plays Lucia in GTA 6?

Rockstar has not revealed who plays Lucia in GTA 6. The voice actor was previously rumored to be Alexandra C. Echavarri Lecároz, but she confirmed on Instagram that she is instead playing Warehouse Boss Lupe in GTA Online.

Unfortunately, for the female protagonist, there are not as many rumors as there are for the male protagonist. One fan on Reddit has speculated that she sounds like actress Natalie Morales from Parks and Recreation, but this is pure speculation.

Although the voice actor isn’t confirmed as of writing, the performance from the trailer alone sounds great, and fans are already head over heels for the main character. She looks incredibly realistic from a graphics point-of-view, and the story looks interesting with fans speculating that it will begin with her escaping prison.

GTA 6 voice actors speculation

None of the voice actors for GTA 6 have been announced, but fans believe the male protagonist previously leaked as Jason is possibly voiced by Troy Baker. We didn’t hear much from the male co-star in the trailer, but some fans are sure his one-line sounds a lot like the famous voice actor most commonly associated with Joel from The Last of Us.

Aside from Troy Baker, the other rumored voice actor is Bryan Zampella. This comes from him playing into the rumors by hanging out with the GTA 5 voice actor for Franklin, as well as posting other teases on his Instagram in response to the speculation.

These are the only real rumors and speculation as of writing. Hopefully, the voice cast will be revealed soon so the speculation can end. Regardless of who the actors are, they are bound to deliver memorable performances just like the voice actors for Franklin, Trevor, and Michael in GTA 5.

In other news, there is unfortunate information for fans hoping to get GTA 6 on PC from day one. Fans have also been sharing wishlists and want to see an overhauled police AI similar to RDR2.