GTA 6 trailer becomes third most-viewed YouTube video in 24 hours with 90+ million views

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UPDATE 23:00pm GMT 5/12: Alas, the record for the most-viewed YouTube video in 24 hours still stands, as GTA 6’s teaser was unfortunately unable to break BTS’s previous accomplishment. After one whole day of fans watching, dissecting, and rewatching the short, Florida Man-inspired announcement clip, the GTA 6 trailer’s view count now stands at 90+ million, making it only the third most-viewed YouTube video in a 24-hour period.

UPDATE 20:30pm GMT 5/12: Only less than three hours are left until the 24-hour mark, and it sadly doesn’t seem like the GTA 6 trailer is going to break the record for most views in a day. For reference, the current record is held by K-pop group BTS with their Butter music video, which garnered a whopping 108+ million views in 24 hours back when it was first released in 2021.

UPDATE 14:00pm GMT 5/12: We’re now at the time the GTA 6 trailer was originally supposed to drop – and the trailer is now sitting on an eye-wateringly large 66 million views in just 15 hours since it went live. It’s not just the number one trending video in gaming, it’s the number one trending video on all of YouTube.

UPDATE 9:15am GMT 5/12: As of 9am – still some five hours before the trailer was scheduled to launch – the GTA 6 trailer’s view count now sits at a whopping 50 million viewers – and it’s a number that is only set to continue growing as more people re-watch the video to find every thing they possibly can learn about the next GTA game.

ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS: Let no one question the unwavering relevance of Rockstar Games’ crime-laden series after the recently released GTA 6 trailer hit 20 million views in just two hours – and it’s still climbing. Despite the announcement video being launched a day earlier than scheduled, reception towards the short clip has arguably remained on par with previous expectations, as some had predicted the teaser would eclipse 50-100 million views in 24 hours.

Of course, this isn’t exactly a surprise, considering the Grand Theft Auto IP’s reputation as one of the industry’s most-played and best-selling series in history. But with the GTA 6 release date window now officially confirmed, the excitement surrounding Rockstar’s latest series entry has hit an all-time high as the teaser’s view count continues its meteoric rise – a trend that will undoubtedly continue as more trailers get released in the lead up to its launch.

In addition, based on the announcement trailer‘s ever-increasing view count, GTA 6 is already shaping up to be one of Rockstar Games’s biggest creations, as it has already eclipsed that of Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it still has a long way to go until it surpasses the level that its predecessor’s trailer, GTA 5, was able to reach since the previous series entry’s announcement video accumulated a whopping 94 million views.

It remains to be seen whether the GTA 6 trailer will indeed outshine its counterparts, as it’s still in its early days. But if the reveal teaser’s continuously up-ticking view count is any indicator, then it may only be a matter of time until it becomes the most-viewed video game trailer in history. While you wait to find out whether it can achieve the previously unachievable, check out our guides on the GTA 6 PS4 and Xbox One compatibility and the GTA 6 PC port.

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