Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Katalina best builds, Skills, and weapons

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Looking for Granblue Fantasy: Relink Katalina best builds? We’ve got you covered. Let’s get into how to make Katalina one of the strongest characters in your roster.

As a Water-element unit you have from the start, Katalina is the perfect all-rounder, able to heal and dish out damage with ease. With this versatility, you can focus on doubling down on Katalina’s damage or healing, depending on your needs for each fight

Before we get into Katalina, make sure you read our guide covering Narmaya’s best builds, the best builds for Cagliostro, Charlotta’s best builds, and the best party setup in Relink. Now, these are the best builds for Katalina in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink - Katalina best builds
Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Katalina best builds (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Best builds for Katalina

Katalina is a versatile character who can deal considerable damage and heal the party. Her Ares mechanic increases her DPS and support by a huge amount, making her a brilliantly powerful character. Her support is simply a nice bonus and this is because Katalina is mainly a DPS. Due to this, the best Katalina builds double down on her damage output.

Katalina has a combat mechanic in the Ares gauge, which will enhance her attacks depending on whether the gauge is full or not. When full, Ares can attack enemies and enhance skills, changing Katalina’s DPS and versatility.

Outside of damaging foes, Katalina has an Invincibility Skill and a potent AoE heal, both of which can be enhanced by Ares, granting the entire party the invincible status and restoring tremendous amounts of HP respectively.

Katalina best DPS build

Since you want Katalina to be a frontline DPS, you should focus on stats that increase her Crit Rate, Crit DMG, ATK, Damage Cap, and make sure she has the War Elemental Sigil. All DPS characters want to run the War Elemental Sigil as well so that all her attacks are effective regardless of the enemy’s weakness.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink - Katalina best builds
Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Katalina best builds (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Focus on Sigils like Quick Cooldown, Cascade, Stamina, Life on the Line, and Drain. At a high enough level, Katalina can sustain herself with the passive HP she gets from Drain, which will keep her topped off and out of danger.

Katalina best weapon

The best weapon for Katalina is the Murgleis or the Luminiera Sword Omega. Both of these weapons have their own Traits, and the Luminiera Sword comes with Crit rate and Crit damage innately. Meanwhile, the Murgleis has an Attack and HP boost. Naturally, when you eventually get Katalina’s Terminus Weapon – the Blutgang – you should use that over anything else.

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Stinger weapons or Ascension?

Stinger weapon types have Crit rate and damage innately, so that helps build out her other stats. Ascension weapons can be Awakened at maximum level, granting more stats and bonuses. Pick the one you have levelled the most.

Katalina best DPS Sigils

For Katalina’s best Sigils, prioritise the following: Stamina, Tyranny, Life on the Line, Damage Cap, War Elemental, Guardian’s Conviction, and Guardian’s Honor. Here is a full breakdown of the Sigils and Traits you want for Katalina:

Guardian’s AwakeningShortens Katalina’s skill cooldowns when Ares is summoned. Grants Supplementary Damage to Katalina and boosts her damage cap while Ares is summoned.
CascadeShortens skill cooldowns when you hit a foe
Damage Cap Raises the damage limit of attacks
Tyranny Reduces HP, increases damage
War ElementalAll attacks are effective regardless of element
StaminaBoosts attack power at 100% HP
Life on the LineBoosts attack power, but healing from allies won’t restore your health
Skilled AssaultBoosts the power of damage skills
Supplementary DamageAttacks deal another instance of damage
AegisBoosts health
Stout HeartBecome immune to interruption

Katalina best skills

When you pick Katalina’s Skills, you should use the following: Enchanted Lands, Winter’s Rain, Azure Sword, and Frozen Blade. All of these Skills focus on DPS and versatility. Enchanted Lands is fantastic for closing gaps, while Frozen Blade can increase your DPS uptime on does far away. You can switch Frozen Blade out for Sacred Winds, but generally, Lancelot’s similar Glaciate ability is significantly better.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink - Katalina best builds
Katalina’s Skills in Granblue Fantasy: Relink (Image by VideoGamer)

Azure Blade instantly summons Ares, letting you get a bunch of combos in for maximum damage. If you want, you can lose Frozen Blade to take Heal instead, but this is dependent on whether you need more healing in a fight.

That’s all you need to know about Granblue Fantasy: Relink Katalina best builds. If you want more guides, check out our guides covering how to unlock the training dummy, the best Curio farming route, how to get Crewmate Cards and the best ways to farm MSP.

Katalina best builds FAQs

What is Katalina’s best weapon?

The best weapon for Katalina is her Terminus Weapon, Blutgang. Outside of this, we recommend using

Could I build Katalina as a healer?

Absolutely, you can! She only has one healing skill, but it is powerful enough to keep a team alive. There are better characters, such as the Captain, who has Revive, however.

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