Granblue Fantasy: Relink – War Elemental Sigil and how to get it

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There are special Sigils in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, and War Elemental is one of these unique Traits that is a must-have for end-game builds.

With so many Sigils to choose from, you might want to know what they all do, and War Elemental is one of the best in the game by a considerable stretch. As it stands, you can only get War Elemental from one Sigil, making it very rare.

For more Relink, read our guides covering the Stout Heart Sigil, the best Fortitude Crystal farming methods, and how to get every Terminus Weapon. Now, let’s explore the War Elemental Sigil in GBF Relink.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink - War Elemental Sigil from Curio
War Elemental Sigil as a Curio reward in GBF Relink (Image taken by VideoGamer)

How to get War Elemental Sigil

The War Elemental Sigil can only be found as a reward from a Curio. With that said, we have two War Elemental Sigils in our inventory, but I don’t remember getting it from a Curio twice. If there is a chance for War Elemental to drop as a boss fight reward, the drop rate on it must be minuscule.

As it stands, getting the War Elemental Sigil from trading Curios with Zathba is the most reliable way to get the Sigil, but it is, sadly, down to RNG. It is pure luck if you happen to get a War Elemental Sigil, and there is no way to purchase it from Siero.

If you want to get your hands on one, check out our guide covering the best way to farm Curios to improve your chances of finally getting a War Elemental Sigil. This is tragically the same method as how to get Supplementary Damage. It will take some time, and there is no way to influence or change the Sigils or rewards you get from Curios even by save-scumming or reloading the area.

✓ Jack’s Advice

Can you get War Elemental from anything else?

Having the War Elemental Sigil equipped will grant the equipping character the ability permanently. Outside of the Sigil, there is no other way to grant the effect, but since it deals with enemy weakness types, this isn’t always necessary.

Every copy of War Elemental Sigil I have came at full level and rarity V, so there’s no chance of getting a bad one. While unconfirmed, you might be able to get a War Elemental+ Sigil, which could have an extra trait attached, but we’ve yet to see this in our game.

What does War Elemental do?

War Elemental is a skill in Granblue Fantasy: Relink that makes every attack ‘Effective’ against any foe, regardless of your element and the enemy’s elemental weakness. As you might imagine, this means you can make any character your main DPS regardless of their element and still do exceptional damage.

This Sigil breaks the game wide open and provides your party setups with even more versatility. If there’s a character you want to use but you hate not doing full effective damage, then this Sigil will rectify that, letting you play as your favourite at all times without taking any hits to DPS.

War Sigil equipped on our Cagliostro (Image by VideoGamer)

If you’ve yet to get yourself one, don’t give up hope. We only got our first one after about 95 hours of playtime. With a little patience and some luck from the RNG, you’ll get one eventually.

That’s all you need to know about War Elemental and how it works in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. For more guides, read our pages covering how to finish the jobs Rolan started and the best builds for Cagliostro.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink War Elemental FAQs

Is War Elemental only from Curios?

We think so. There might be a small chance to get one as a boss-drop reward at Maniac or Proud difficulty, but the Curio is the most reliable way.

Can anyone equip War Elemental?

Yes, but if you already have an effective weakness against the enemy, it is unnecessary.

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