Granblue Fantasy: Relink – how to get Destrudo

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Destrudo in Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a material used for weapon enhancement, Awakenings, and as a tradable currency in Siero’s Shop. Let’s look at how to get Destrudo in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

As with all boss materials, you will have your work cut out for you to farm Destrudo. It’s one of the rarer boss drops, Destrudo only comes from two sources, making it a pain to farm reliably. With low drop rates, you are once again at the mercy of RNG in Relink.

For more Granblue, read our guides for all Crewmate Cards and the best AFK farming methods. Now, this is how to get Destrudo in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

A screenshot of the inventory screen in Granblue Fantasy: Relink showing Destrudo
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Destrudo can be found by beating Id. Destrudo is a reward given by the Maniac difficulty quest called Id Bears Repeating. Outside of this mission, there is another quest that can reward you with Destrudo, but it is considerably more challenging to do than the fight against Id.

To farm Destrudo, you will need to grind the Maniac quests Id Bears Repeating and The Wolf and the Veil. We highly recommend you farm Id Bears Repeating for a chance to get Destrudo. The fight is simple and can be farmed easily with the right team if you have enough PWR. The one downside to this quest is that Destrudo is not a guaranteed drop; you only have a chance to get one from the chest rewards.

Complete the Wolf and the Veil quest to reliably get Destrudo

The latter quest – The Wolf and the Veil – is available on Proud mode. This pits you against Gallanza and Maglielle at the same time, which is a legitimate nightmare fight. While the Destrudo drop is guaranteed by completing the Side Goal of not going into Critical condition four times, getting that can be fairly difficult. If you’re strong enough to do it reliably, then this is the better way to farm Destrudo. If not, stick to Id Bears Repeating.

A screenshot showing the process of obtaining the Destrudo item in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.
The Id Bears Repeating quest to farm Destrudo in Granblue Fantasy: Relink (Image by VideoGamer)

As a Drop item from Id Bears Repeating, you sadly don’t have a shot of always getting the drop. As with all things in Relink, you are either going to be blessed or cursed by the various RNG drop rates. I got lucky and got a single Destrudo the first time I beat Id on this quest, but I’ve yet to find another in the previous three times I attempted it.

If you want to tackle the quest, we recommend having well over 8200 PWR to comfortably win this fight and bring a Light character to exploit Id’s Weakness. Better yet, run your favourite character with the War Elemental Sigil if you have it. If you find it to be too much of a challenge, you can farm MSP and EXP with ease at this point in the game.

There might be a higher chance to get an extra from the rewards if you get an S+ rating, but it isn’t confirmed since Destrudo is a Drop item. As you might’ve found when trying to farm Dreaded Tails or the Vitality Hoof items, the drop rates for these boss materials are annoying low.

Destrudo is also needed to buy the Stout Heart Sigil. This powerful sigil is only available from Siero, and you will need a few high-end mats to buy it. Since Destrudo is required for this, it is in your best interest to farm it just for this sigil alone.

Can you trade for Destrudo in Granblue Fantasy: Relink?

Sadly, there is no reliable way to trade for Destrudo. It could have a chance to appear as a special promotion at Siero’s Shop, but I’ve yet to see this happen. Outside of this, you also have a chance to get rare materials from Curios. However, I also have not seen if Destrudo is one of the items in the loot table for Curios, which makes it a fairly unreliable way to get Destruo.

That’s it for how to farm Destrudo in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. For more, read our guides covering the Supplementary Damage Sigil and the current cheats for Relink.

Destrudo farm FAQs

How/where do you get Destrudo?

Destrudo is a Drop reward from beating Id. This is the best way to get the material.

What is Destrudo used for?

Destrudo is used for weapon enhancement and for getting important items at Siero’s shop.

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