Is Exoprimal crossplay?

Is Exoprimal crossplay?
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Curious about Exoprimal crossplay? You’re probably not the only one. Capcom’s upcoming dino-shooter has already drummed up a lot of hype, but the core gameplay revolves fully around multiplayer play as you work to complete missions alongside teams of other players.

Given how integral multiplayer is going to be to the experience, Exoprimal crossplay could be a feature that determines a significant portion of the game’s success. In this guide, we’ll cover if Exoprimal is going to have it, and what it might look like. Regardless, the game will be coming to a few different platforms. Be sure to check in on Exoprimal on PS5 or PS4, or Exoprimal on Steam for a breakdown the game’s availability on console and PC.

Exoprimal crossplay: A triceratops with glowing red eyes charges an Exosuit with a giant glowing orange arm.

Will Exoprimal have crossplay?

Yes, Exoprimal will have crossplay for cross-platform matchmaking, but party creation is limited to platforms on what Capcom calls the same ‘platform ecosystem’. You’ll be able to play against players regardless of whether they’re on PC or console and combat waves of dinosaurs in Exosuits on the Exoprimal release date, but can only create parties as follows. Players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows can create parties and play together. Players on PS4 players can team up with PS5 players and vice versa, while Steam players can only create parties with other Steam users.

Crossplay works by using the Capcom ID system, hence why the game is online-only, and requires a Capcom account to play. This should mean a healthy player base from launch though, so you’ll be able to dive into games quite quickly, and not have to worry about long queue times.

That covers Exoprimal crossplay. If you want to learn more about the multiplayer direction of the game, such as online and local Exoprimal co-op, we’ve got a guide covering that for you. We’ve also covered whether you’ll find Exoprimal on Game Pass and Exoprimal on Xbox consoles including Xbox One and Xbox Series X if you’re still looking for different places to play the game.