Exoprimal will host second Open Beta period featuring 10-player co-op mode

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The latest Exoprimal gameplay trailer shown during the June 2023 Capcom Showcase has given us a closer look at the combat elements and diverse collection of combatants that you can expect. However, the most important tidbit that it announced was a second open beta period that will feature an exciting 10-player co-op mode.

The next pre-release phase for Exoprimal will apparently be taking place from June 16 to June 18 so you’ll be able to experience even more of the game during this time. In addition to the relatively massive multiplayer mode, it’ll also include a few more adjustments made so some gameplay elements may differ from the first Open Beta period.

According to Exoprimal’s updated website, the campaign’s opening portion as well as a few story related missions are apparently being added as well so the second open beta will have more content available than the previous one. Unfortunately, your progress here will not carry over to the actual release so try not to get too attached with the character you create and the NPCs you meet throughout.

The development team as also stated that they’re planning on introducing a leaderboard for the “fastest mission clear time” on day one, meaning you’ll have even more to look forward to at launch. While you wait for it to be available on your preferred console, however, we recommend taking a look at the latest trailer for now so you can learn even more about Capcom’s live service entry.

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