Is Exoprimal co-op?

Is Exoprimal co-op?
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Exoprimal co-op may seem like a given feature, but there’s good reason to be curious about it. We know that multiplayer is the main focus for Capcom’s upcoming sci-fi dinosaur shooter, but plenty of players are still wondering what kind of co-op features will be coming to the game.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Exoprimal co-op, what the game will offer, and what the co-op experience might look like. Whether you’re looking to play on PC platforms, like Exoprimal on Steam, Exoprimal on Game Pass, or on console, like Exoprimal on PS5 or PS4, you’ll be better informed about its multiplayer by the end of this read.

Will Exoprimal have co-op?

Exoprimal co-op: A tank and assault Exosuit battle against a raging T-Rex

Yes, Exoprimal will have co-op, but only for online play. As its primary game mode, Dino Survival, is a PvPvE experience where you race against another team to complete objectives assigned by Leviathan, co-op is a necessity. In this main mode, you’ll play with up to four other players for a team of five Exosuits, and battle against waves of dinosaurs. Given what we know about Exoprimal crossplay prospects, online co-op should ensure that you have a fun, fulfilling experience with minimal downtime in between matches.

Keep in mind though that online co-op’s importance means that the game is an online-only experience, and that you’ll need a Capcom account to play.

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for local co-op for Exoprimal. It’s unclear if this will be something that comes to the game in the future, but split-screen seems a pretty unlikely prospect given the game’s current approach to its multiplayer structure. Depending on how the approach to story missions evolves though, it isn’t impossible.

We do know that there might be plans for larger co-op modes too. The second open beta test for Exoprimal in mid-June hosted 10-player cooperative multiplayer games. Since we likely won’t have a good idea of player numbers and server stability until the Exoprimal release date in July, it’s unclear whether support for larger co-op game modes like this will continue. It’s a distinct possibility though.

That covers everything you’ll need to know about Exoprimal co-op. The game will be a lively time for fans of multiplayer team-based shooters. Be sure to check any and all platforms you might want to play on, like Exoprimal on Xbox consoles like Xbox Series X and Exoprimal on Switch, to tailor your ideal experience.