Is Exoprimal on PS5 or PS4?

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Looking to play Exoprimal on PS5 or PS4? Capcom’s upcoming team-based action sci-fi has been building in anticipation for some time, so plenty of players are curious about the platforms the game will be available on.

Here we’ll cover whether or not you’ll be able to play Exoprimal on PS5 or PS4. If you’re looking for other platforms though, like Exoprimal on Game Pass, Exoprimal on Steam or even Exoprimal on Switch, we’ve got you covered in some separate guides.

Exoprimal on PS5 or PS4: An AI god in cyberspace summons a giant mutant dinosaur from an orb of purple goo while two exosuits watch on in presumable horror.

Will Exoprimal be on PS5 or PS4?

Exoprimal will be available on both PS5 and PS4. The standard edition of the game is currently set at a £49.99 pre-order on the PlayStation store and website. However, the game is online-only, and Playstation fans will need to have PS Plus to access online features, meaning the service subscription is mandatory if you want to play this one. It’s likely the same case for Exoprimal on Xbox, too.

The game should be available on both consoles at launch. If you’re unsure when that is, and want to learn more about the game before deciding on a purchase, check out our breakdown of the Exoprimal release date, covering the game’s launch, story, trailers and more.

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  • Release Date: December 31, 2023
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