Is Exoprimal on Game Pass?

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Is Exoprimal on Game Pass? The new team-based action sci-fi from Capcom has already begun turning heads with its futuristic setting juxtaposed against battles with prehistoric monsters.

If you’re anticipating the game, and wondering whether you’ll be able to play Exoprimal on Game Pass, we’ve got you covered. If you’re more of a Playstation fan and wondering whether you can play Exoprimal on PS5 or PS4, we have an answer for you in a different guide.

Exoprimal on Game Pass: The Hammerhead crew members stand together in their operations base.

Will Exoprimal be on Game Pass?

Yes, Exoprimal will be available to play on Game Pass. The game will be available to subscribers of the service from day one, so make sure to keep an eye out for the Exoprimal release date later this year. It is unlikely however that the game will remain on the service forever, as it is not an Xbox exclusive. But it should remain on the service long enough for players to get a good taste for what the game has to offer, for those unsure about buying it.

Exoprimal has seen plenty of positive feedback already. It will be on Game Pass, but if you’re looking to play Exoprimal on Steam or Exoprimal on Switch, you’ll want to check our other guides answering those questions. We’ve also covered Exoprimal crossplay and Exoprimal Co-op prospects, since this is definitely the kind of game that’s best played with friends.

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  • Release Date: December 31, 2023
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