Is Exoprimal on Steam?

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Looking to play Exoprimal on Steam when it comes out? Capcom’s upcoming team-based sci-fi action game is already drawing a lot of attention for its wild premise and well-defined gameplay.

With plenty of PC players now anticipating the game, and not everyone looking to play Exoprimal on Game Pass, we’ll cover whether or not buying and playing Exoprimal on Steam is an option.

Exoprimal on Steam: An Exosuit with yellow accentuations poses with a rifle.

Is Exoprimal going to be on Steam?

Yes, Exoprimal will release on Steam. It’ll be coming out on the platform on the Exoprimal release date. The game does have minimum system requirements to play. Players with hardware older than eight years may want to check the official Steam store page for the game to ensure that their PCs meet the necessary checks.

It’s also an online-only game, so a stable internet connection and a Capcom account will be required to play.The game has both a standard edition at £49.99 and a deluxe edition at £54.98 available for pre-order on its Steam store page.

Is Exoprimal on Steam Deck?

We’ve have no official confirmation from either Capcom or Valve about Exoprimal’s Steam Deck compatibility quite yet, but during the open beta, players were able to successfully run the game on Valve’s handheld. Though we’re wary about confirming Steam Deck compatibility just yet, the signs bode well.

With Exoprimal on Steam confirmed, don’t forget to take a look at how multiplayer in the game is going to work. If you’re curious about Exoprimal crossplay or Exoprimal co-op, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also answered whether you’ll see Exoprimal on PS5 or PS4 and Exoprimal on Xbox, if you’re more interested in playing the game on console.

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