Exoprimal players can’t believe how fun the dino-shooter is after beta weekend

Exoprimal players can’t believe how fun the dino-shooter is after beta weekend
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With the Exoprimal beta taking place last weekend, players have been loving every moment of the frantic and sometimes downright dumb gameplay loop of the dinosaur-based shooter game, as it gears up for its full release early next month on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

With the Exoprimal beta now over player reaction has been pouring in on social media with many loving the game’s frantic and fast-paced combat. One player on the Exoprimal Reddit said, “The gameplay is top notch and the networking pretty much flawless.” The game also appears to be striking a good balance of accessibility and gameplay mastery as they also noted that, “All the different classes are unique and interesting but also easy to learn, difficult to master.”

Despite players only getting to try one mode during the beta user Ducker_416 isn’t too worried about a lack of gameplay variety as they’re “just having that much fun, and each game is kinda different cause you’ll have different mechs in each game.” They even said, “If the game is 100 bucks I’m still going to get it” before proclaiming that “this game is definitely gonna be one of my favourite games when it fully releases.”

Even when failing a mission players are still having a blast with one user posting a clip of their untimely death when fighting an enormous T-Rex saying, “Man this game rules” while showing a clip of what they describe as “one of the rawest ways to ever go out in a videogame which I have ever seen in recent times.”

On Twitter, CrabPuddin posted a clip showing just how frantic and dumb Exoprimal can get as a barrage of raptors comes falling from a skyscraper onto the heads of their team. Alongside this, another beta player, PaJ0r, said “I was hoping Exoprimal was gonna be good and I’m pretty delighted after a quick spin on that beta. Absolutely daft. Great fun.”

It’s safe to say that Exoprimal has gone down a treat for many players who partook in last weekend’s beta which featured 10-player co-op. If you’re interested in learning more about Exoprimal before it fully releases on July 14, the Exoprimal developers revealed exciting content additions set to arrive with full release.

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