Diablo 4 unique items list in Season 2 – how to get all weapons and armor

Diablo 4 unique items list in Season 2 – how to get all weapons and armor
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Want to grab Diablo 4 unique items? This guide tells you what to expect. These overpowered pieces of equipment will let you dominate the endgame, even on Diablo 4’s higher difficulties. While they are the hardest to find in the game, Diablo 4 unique items are also the highest in value and offer unrivaled power.

Despite the slim odds of success, Diablo 4’s unique gear is worth working towards. As you work your way through dungeons to find Diablo 4’s unique weapons, check out how to get gold fast in Diablo 4 and how to get Murmuring Obols. Check out all the details about Diablo 4 Season 2 as well.

Diablo 4 Unique items: An image of a woman holding a unique bow.

What are Diablo 4 unique items?

Diablo 4 unique items represent the rarest tier of loot: Normal, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Unique. They appear with a light brownish glow in-game that is almost pink in colour. In addition to having stats better than those of Legendary gear, they feature a unique affix. This distinction, added to four overpowered regular affixes, makes Unique items some of the most sought-after in Diablo 4. These are even more impressive than legendary Aspects. But don’t expect items with the highest rarities to come easy.

They’re so potent that Unique items will quickly replace existing gear in most endgame builds. Only one Unique item can be equipped at a time. Their unique affixes can’t be removed and enchanted onto other gear like regular affixes. But each Unique item can have slightly different stats. Uniques can be upgraded four times at any Blacksmith in Sanctuary.

How to get Diablo 4 unique items?

Diablo 4 unique items drop only on World Tier 3: Nightmare difficulty and the even tougher World Tier 4: Torment difficulty. These can be unlocked by clearing Diablo 4 Capstone Dungeons like the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. Considering that you’ll need to be at least level 50 to tackle them, the first Unique item you’ll encounter will be the Mother’s Embrace ring once you beat Liltith in the main campaign. The devs have promised that Diablo 4 Season 2 unique items won’t be as rare as before. You can even get specific unique items and uber uniques from beating Diablo 4 Season 2 endgame bosses.

Once you’ve unlocked the higher difficulties, here’s how to grind for Diablo 4 unique items:

  1. Fighting specific bosses like Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint, and special enemies in dungeons
  2. Clearing end-game Nightmare Dungeons with Nightmare Sigils
  3. Getting Whispers of the Dead rewards in the form of Grim Favor caches
  4. Diablo 4 Helltides and their chests can also drop unique items.

Diablo 4 Unique Items in Season 2

Here are all the new unique items that have been added to Diablo 4’s Season of Blood.

Unique itemType of itemUnique affix
Tassets of the Dawning SkyPantsWhen you take damage from a Non-Physical damage type, your character gets +6-10% Maximum Resistance to that damage type for 6 seconds. This effect happens to one damage type at a time.
Godslayer CrownHelmWhen you Stun, Freeze, or Immobilize an Elite enemy, or damage a Boss, it pulls in nearby enemies together. You deal 30-60% [x] increased damage to them for 3 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 12 seconds.
FlickerstepBootsEach enemy you Evade through reduces your active Ultimate Cooldown by 2-4 seconds, up to a total of 10 seconds.
Tibault’s WillPantsYou deal 20-40% more damage while Unstoppable and for 4 seconds after this condition. When you become Unstoppable, gain 50 of your Primary Resource back.
X’Fal’s Corroded SignetRingLucky Hit: Your damage over time effects have up to a 50% chance to erupt. This can deal 5.0-6.0 damage of the same type to Nearby enemies.
SoulbrandChestYour Healing Potion no longer Heals instantly. And instead, it grants a Barrier for 200% of the healing for 4 seconds. While you have a Barrier, you gain a bonus 10-20% Damage Reduction.
Banished Lord’s TalismanAmuletAfter you spend 300 of your Primary Resource, your next Core Skill is guaranteed to Overpower and deal more damage. Your Critical Strikes that Overpower deal 80-120% more damage.
Tuskhelm of Joritz the MightyBarbarian HelmWhen you gain Berserking while already Berserk, you have a 40-60% chance to become more enraged. This grants 15% bonus multiplicative damage, 2 Fury per second, and 10% Cooldown Reduction.
Dolmen StoneDruid AmuletCasting Boulder while Hurricane is active will cause your boulders to spin around you.
Blood Moon BreechesNecromancer PantsYour Minions have a 3-7% chance to curse enemies. Enemies affected by at least one of your curses take 70% bonus multiplicative damage from Overpowered attacks.
Scoundrel’s LeathersRogue ChestWhile you have unlimited Energy from Inner Sight, your Core Skills now have a 60-80% chance to spawn Caltrops, Poison Trap, or Death Trap.
Blue RoseSorcerer RingLucky Hit: Damaging an enemy has up to a 30% chance of forming an exploding Ice Spike. This can inflict 0.25-0.35 Cold damage. This chance is tripled if the enemy is Frozen.
Diablo 4 Unique items: A pair of unique warriors in a dark room.

Diablo 4 Unique Items in Season 1

Here’s a list of the Diablo 4 Season 1 unique items:

Unique itemType of itemUnique affix
Ahavarion Spear of LycanderStaffGain a random Shrine effect for 10-20 seconds after killing an Elite enemy. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.
FleshrenderDruid One-Hand MaceDebilitating Roar and Blood Howl deal 0.5-1.0 damage to Nearby Poisoned enemies.
EaglehornRogue BowPenetrating Shot has a 30-80% chance to fire an arrow that bounces off walls and scenery. Hitting enemies from behind with Penetrating Shot will make them Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
The OculusSorcerer WandGain the effect of the Teleport Enchantment for free. When you Evade using Teleport Enchantment, you are taken to a random location.
Lidless WallNecromancer ShieldLucky Hit – While you have an active Bone Storm, hitting an enemy outside of a Bone Storm has up to a 5-25% chance to spawn an additional Bone Storm at their location. Each of your active Sacrifice bonuses increases the chance by 25% and the total number of additional Bone Storms you can have by +1.
AzurewrathBarbarian SwordLucky Hit – Your Core Skills have up to a 20% chance to Freeze enemies for 3 seconds and deal 0.75-1.5 Cold damage to them.

All Diablo 4 Unique Items

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the Unique items you can discover in Season 2 of Diablo 4. Bear in mind that you can only equip some of them as some Unique gear is exclusive to a single class. Diablo 4 Season 2 Unique items come in a variety of equipment forms, letting you customize your build as you please.

General Diablo 4 Unique Items

Here are the unique items in Diablo 4 that aren’t tied to any specific class.

Unique itemType of itemUnique affix
Andariel’s VisageHelmUp to a 15-20% chance to trigger a poison nova that applies X poison damage over five seconds to enemies in the area.
DoombringerSwordUp to an X% chance to deal X shadow damage to surrounding enemies. Reduce their damage by 20% for five seconds.
Fists of FateGlovesYour attacks randomly deal 1 to 200-300% of their typical damage.
FrostburnWandLucky hit: Up to a 15-25% chance to freeze enemies for two seconds.
Harlequin CrestHelmGain 10-20% damage reduction. Gain +4 ranks to all skills.
Melted Heart of SeligAmuletGain +30% maximum resource. When you take damage, drain 3-8 Resource for every 1% of Life you would have lost instead.
Mother’s EmbraceRingIf a core skill hits 5 enemies, 20-40% of the resource cost is refunded.
Penitent GreavesBootsYou leave behind a trail of frost that chills enemies. You deal 7-10% more damage to chilled enemies.
RazorplateChest ArmourGain XXXX Thorns.
Ring of Starless SkiesRingEffects that heal you beyond 100% life grant you a barrier of up to 40-80% of your maximum life that lasts eight seconds.
TemerityPantsEffects that heal you beyond 100% life grant you a barrier of up to 40-80% of your maximum life that lasts eight seconds.
The Butcher’s CleaverAxeWhen you critically strike an enemy you have up to a 100% chance to fear and slow them by 40-75% for four seconds.
The GrandfatherTwo-handed swordIncreases your critical strike damage by 60-100%
Diablo 4 Unique items: An image of a character fighting demons.

Barbarian Diablo 4 Unique Items

Here are the Diablo 4 Uniques that you can equip only as a Barbarian.

Unique itemType of itemUnique affix
Ancients’ OathTwo-handed AxeSteel Grasp launches 2 additional chains. Enemies hit by Steel Grasp are Slowed by 55-65% for three seconds.
Battle TranceAmuletIncrease Frenzy’s maximum stacks by two. When you have full Frenzy, your other skills gain 10-20% extra attack speed.
Fields of CrimsonTwo-handed swordWhile using this weapon, damaging an enemy with Rupture creates a blood pool that inflicts X Bleeding damage over six seconds. Enemies in the pool take X% bonus Bleeding damage.
Gohr’s Devastating GripsGlovesWhirlwind explodes after it ends, dealing 50-70% of the total damage dealt to surrounding enemies as fire damage.
HellhammerTwo-handed maceUpheaval ignites the ground, burning enemies for an additional X damage over three seconds.
OverkillTwo-handed maceDeath Blow creates a shockwave, dealing 16-30% of its total base damage to enemies.
Rage of HarrogathChest armourLucky hit: Up to a 20-40% chance to reduce the cooldowns of your non-ultimate skills by 1.5 seconds when you inflict Bleeding on Elite enemies.
Ramaladni’s Magnum OpusSwordSkills using this weapon deal 0.2-0.4% increased damage per point of Fury you have. But you lose 2 Fury every second.
100,000 StepsBootsAfter gaining the final damage bonus from the Walking Arsenal Key Passive, you automatically cast Ground Stomp and gain [32 – 50] Fury. This cannot happen more than once every 30 seconds.

Necromancer Diablo 4 Unique Items

Here are the Diablo 4 unique items that you can equip only as a Necromancer.

Unique itemType of itemUnique affix
Black RiverScytheExplosion consumes up to four additional corpses around the initial corpse. This deals 122-130% more damage with a 21-25% larger radius per additional corpse.
Blood Artisan’s CuirassChest armorWhen you pick up 5-10 blood orbs, a free bone spirit is spawned. This deals bonus damage based on your current Life total.
Bloodless ScreamTwo-handed scytheWhen you pick up 5-10 blood orbs, a free bone spirit is spawned. This deals bonus damage based on your current Life total.
Deathless VisageHelmBone Spear leaves echoes as it travels. These explode and deal X damage.
Deathspeaker’s PendantAmuletBlood Surge casts a mini nova on your minions and deals X damage. Damage is increased by 10% per target drained by the initial cast, up to 50%.
Greaves of the Empty TombBootsCreate desecrated ground beneath your Sever spectres as they travel. This damages enemies for X shadow damage over 2 seconds.
Howl from BelowGlovesInstead of detonating immediately, Corpse Explosion summons a volatile skeleton that charges at a random enemy and explodes. Corpse Explosion’s damage is increased by 30-40%.
Ring of MendelnRingWhile you have seven or more minions you gain Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to empower all your minions. This causes the next attack from each to explode for X physical damage.

Sorcerer Diablo 4 Unique Items

Here are the Diablo 4 Uniques that you can equip only as a Sorcerer.

Unique itemType of itemUnique affix
Esadora’s Overflowing CameoAmuletOn collecting crackling energy, there’s a 10% chance to release a lightning nova that deals X lightning damage.
Esu’s HeirloomBootsYour critical strike chance is increased by 15-25% of your movement speed bonus.
FlamescarWandWhile channelling Incinerate, you periodically shoot embers that are attracted to enemies. They deal X fire damage each.
Gloves of the IlluminatorGlovesFireball now bounces as it travels, exploding each time it hits the ground. But its explosion deals 65-75% less damage.
Iceheart BraisPantsEnemies that die while frozen have a 11-20% chance to unleash a Frost Nova.
Raiment of the InfiniteChestAfter using Teleport, close enemies are pulled to you and stunned for 2-3 seconds. Teleport’s cooldown is increased by 20%.
Staff of Endless RageStaffEvery third cast of Fireball launches two additional projectiles.
Staff of Lam EsenStaffCharged bolts pierce but deal 30-40% less damage.

Rogue Diablo 4 Unique Items

Here are the Diablo 4 unique items that you can equip only as a Rogue.

Unique itemType of itemUnique affix
Asheara’s KhanjarDaggerHits with this weapon increase your attack speed by 4-6% for four seconds, up to X%.
CondemnationDaggerYour Core skills deal 20-40% more damage when spending three combo points. Your Basic skills using this weapon have a 30% chance of generating three combo points.
Cowl of the NamelessHelmYou gain a 15-25% increased lucky hit chance against crowd-controlled enemies.
Eyes in the DarkPantsUnless it hits a boss or Player, Death Trap will continue to re-arm itself until it kills an enemy. Death Trap’s cooldown is increased by 15-30%.
Grasp of ShadowGlovesDamaging a vulnerable enemy with a Marksman or Cutthroat skill has a 20-30% chance to summon a Shadow Clone that mimics your attack.
SkyhunterBowThe first direct damage you deal to an enemy is a guaranteed critical strike. If you had max stacks of the precision key passive when you cast the skill, gain 5-25 energy. This can only happen once per cast.
WindforceBowHits with this weapon have up to a 10-20% chance to deal double damage and knock back the target.
Word of HakanAmuletYour Rain of Arrows is always imbued with all imbuements at once.

Druid Diablo 4 Uniques

Here are the Diablo 4 Uniques that you can equip only as a Druid.

Unique itemType of itemUnique affix
Greatstaff of the CroneStaffClaw is now a Storm skill and also casts Storm Strike at 12-150% normal damage.
Hunter’s ZenithRingGain a bonus when you kill with a shapeshifting skill:
Werebear: Your next non-ultimate Werebear costs no resource and has no cooldown.
Werewolf: Your next Werewolf skill will heal you for X when damage is first dealt.
Insatiable FuryChest armourWerebear form is now your true form. You gain 2 ranks to all Werebear skills.
Mad Wolf’s GleeChest armourWerewolf form is now your true form. You gain 2 ranks to all Werewolf skills.
Storm’s CompanionPantsYour wolf companions are infused with the power of the storm. They deal lightning damage and gain the Storm Howl ability.
Tempest RoarHelmStorm skills have up to a 15-25% chance to grant four Spirit. Your base Storm skills are also Werewolf skills.
Vasily’s PrayerHelmYour Earth skills are now also Werebear skills and Fortify you for X.
Waxing GibbousAxeGain stealth for two seconds when killing enemies with Shred. Breaking stealth with an attack grants ambush which generates critical strikes for 1-2.5 seconds.

Don’t burn out on the hunt for Diablo 4 Season 2 Unique items. While they can radically alter any build, there are still plenty of viable builds out there. Season of Blood brings new Diablo 4 vampire powers that need to be activated with pact armor. Upgrade these with potent blood earned from Diablo 4 Blood Harvest activities.

Check out our best Diablo 4 Barbarian build and best Diablo 4 Necromancer build if you’re looking for inspiration. Now that you know how to grind for them, get started on your hunt for Diablo 4’s most iconic loot: Uniques. Season of Blood is out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Diablo 4 Unique Items FAQs

Where can I farm Uniques in Diablo 4?

Nightmare Dungeons are the best place to farm for Unique items in Diablo 4.

What is the best rarity in Diablo?

This is the order from least rare to the rarest items in Diablo 4: Common > Magic > Rare > Legendary > Unique.