Diablo 4 Whispers of the Dead explained

Diablo 4 Whispers of the Dead explained
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Want to learn about Diablo 4 Whispers of the Dead? You’re in the right place. Diablo 4 tasks you with facing Lilith’s wrath but there’s a lot more to do once you’re done with the campaign. One of those things is the Whispers of the Dead, a system that lets endgame players bag some sweet loot as they grind for gear.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got to Lilith yet. If you’re still working through Sanctuary’s massive list of dungeons, here’s what to do at faded plaques in Diablo 4 and a list of Diablo 4 Silent Chest locations. And with that, here’s a Whispers of the Dead guide that covers how this endgame activity can affect Diablo 4’s gameplay.

What are Whispers of the Dead in Diablo 4?

Players who’ve already worked through Diablo 4’s campaign must already be familiar with the Tree of Whispers in Hawezar. Return to it after you complete the main storyline and you’ll unlock a new priority quest. Finish it to form a pact with the Tree of Whispers and echoes of their past sins. The Whispers of the Dead system in Diablo 4 rewards players for completing Whispers tasks with fresh endgame loot. These active Whispers appear on the Diablo 4 map and can be finished alongside regular quests.

The world of Sanctuary grants no respite for even a slain foe as the Tree of Whispers thirsts for penance. After the final act of the campaign, you can switch from main quests to these tasks. Think of it as an endgame bounty system across Diablo 4’s five regions: Dry Steppes, Fractured Peaks, Hawezar, Kehjistan, and Scosglen. The wilds of Sanctuary offer plenty of rewards for those willing to complete Whispers of the Dead tasks.

Completing them grants you Grim Favors that can be traded in for rewards. Here are some of the tasks and the Grim Favors you will receive on completing them:

  • Defeat a World Boss – +5 Grim Favors
  • Finish a Ritual – interact with altars in a zone for +3 Grim Favors
  • Cull an enemy type – slay a number of an enemy type to earn +1 Grim Favor
  • Harvest a zone – kill enemies and pick up enough glowing orbs to receive +3 Grim Favors
  • Complete a dungeon – +5 Grim Favors

Return to the Tree of Whispers for your rewards. For every 10 Grim Favors that you earn, you can pick from one of three boxes. These boxes contain randomized loot of a certain kind of equipment. The flexibility that this affords you is reason enough to head over to a nearby Whisper whenever possible. Whispers reset after 90 minutes and they will be replaced by a fresh set of objectives on the world map.

This time limit ensures that there’s a constant supply of various whispers for endgame content. And while there are many types of whispers, you’ll only have a limited amount of time to begin an activity. The rewards are worth the effort, especially since you get a different set of rewards each time. This can include rare items like a collection of gauntlets, amulets, gear, and even Paragon Glyphs.

If you’re on the lookout for more tasks to improve your build, here’s a list of Diablo 4 Strongholds and all Fractured Peaks Waypoint locations in Diablo 4. Whispers are a great way to get new endgame equipment. So don’t miss out on clearing Diablo 4 Whispers of the Dead tasks when you can.