Diablo 4 gems – how to upgrade best gems for every class in Season 3

Diablo 4 gems – how to upgrade best gems for every class in Season 3
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Want to know how to upgrade your gear with Diablo 4 gems in Season 3? Look no further. Gems can be found across Sanctuary’s open areas and can be added to your equipment to boost their stats. Slot them into sockets found on armor, weapons, or jewelry and you can hone your build even further. These effects range from damage resistance to gaining health on a kill.

While Diablo 4 gems in Season 3 aren’t very hard to find, you won’t make the most of them unless you upgrade them with the help of a jeweler. Season of Blood drastically changed gems as you can now treat them as crafting materials. They no longer hold up precious inventory space. And Season of the Construct makes inventories less busier thanks to the ability to purchase extra Stash slots. Before you test your might against Diablo’s timeless brand of dungeons, here’s how to skip the campaign in Diablo 4 and how to level up fast in Diablo 4. Check all the details in Diablo 4 Season 3 as well.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Gems: An image of the player speaking to the Jeweller in the game.
An image of the player speaking to the Jeweller in the game. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to upgrade Diablo 4 Gems in Season 3

You can upgrade Diablo 4 gems at a jeweler once you reach level 20. The quest Gem Crafting will task you with speaking with the jeweller Kratia who can be found in Kyovashad. One conversation later, you can speak to any jeweler across Sanctuary and upgrade your gems.

Creating them involves combining three crude crystals or skulls of the same type and forking over some coin. Reaching level 40 lets you combine three of these upgraded gems for an even more potent gem to slot into your equipment. These bonuses will help you tackle bosses and even a World Boss.

Level 60 and 70 grant you Flawless and Royal gems respectively. These can be created by combining three gems of the previous rarity. This means that three Flawless gems can be converted into one Royal gem and so on. While you can equip crude crystals for a decent boost, I’d advise upgrading them to boost their stats whenever you have enough resources for it.

You can add more sockets to gear with Scattered Prisms obtained from Treasure Goblins, salvaging Legendary gear, or a World Boss.

Here’s a handy list of the resources you need to upgrade your gems:

To craftCombine three to get (level 20)Combine three to get (level 40)Combine three to get (level 60)Combine three to get (level 70)
Chipped AmethystCrude AmethystAmethystFlawless AmethystRoyal Amethyst
Chipped DiamondCrude DiamondDiamondFlawless DiamondRoyal Diamond
Chipped EmeraldCrude EmeraldEmeraldFlawless EmeraldRoyal Emerald
Chipped RubyCrude RubyRubyFlawless RubyRoyal Ruby
Chipped SapphireCrude SapphireSapphireFlawless SapphireRoyal Sapphire
Chipped SkullCrude SkullSkullFlawless SkullRoyal Skull
Chipped TopazCrude TopazTopazFlawless TopazRoyal Topaz

All gems in Diablo 4

You’ll find a variety of Diablo 4 gems across your time in Sanctuary. Crude crystals (the basic variant of gems) and skulls are fairly common drops from ore veins that are scattered through the map. Glittering ore veins and chests have a higher chance of dropping gems.

There are seven different types of Diablo 4 gems:

  • Amethyst
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Skull
  • Topaz

Each of them provides different benefits based on their tier and rarity. Standard gems can further be upgraded to enhance their effects. The type of equipment that you add them to matters as well, with unique effects for weapons, armor, and jewelry.

Best Diablo 4 gems for every class

Here are the best Diablo 4 gems that can enhance the potential of every class in Diablo 4 Season 3:

  • Barbarian – Use Rubies in weapons to deal more overpower damage with moves like Bash. The best Diablo 4 aspects can also grant overpower damage. Emerald in Armor enhances Diablo 4 thorns damage so most close-up classes can use this against attackers.
  • RogueSapphires are a good pick for Rogue weapons as they can benefit from the critical strike damage to crowd-controlled enemies. Skulls are great for all classes since they grant health on kills when added to weapons.
  • Necromancer – Consider the Topaz for a boost in basic skill damage. This lets you be even more of a threat alongside minions. It’s a good option on armor too since the Necromancer’s mediocre health pool make them susceptible to control impairment.
  • Sorcerer – Improve your damage over time effects with an Amethyst in your weapons.
  • DruidDiamonds are great for nearly every item for Druids. Ultimate Skill damage can make already devastating ultimates even more potent. Barrier generation via Diamonds in armor can protect you from enemies while adding them to jewelry grant resistance to all elemental damage.

Crude gems list

Here are the stat boosts you’ll receive when you socket a gem into your equipment in Diablo 4:

Gem typeArmour boostWeapon boostJewellery boost
Crude Amethyst6.6% Damage Over Time Reduction+4.1% Damage Over Time11.5% Shadow Resistance
Crude Diamond+3% Barrier Generation+4.1% Ultimate Skill Damage4% Resistance to All Elements
Crude Emerald+6% Thorns+6% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies11.5% Poison Resistance
Crude Ruby+5% Maximum Life+12% Overpower Damage11.5% Fire Resistance
Crude Sapphire4% Damage Reduction while Fortified+6% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies11.5% Cold Resistance
Crude Skull+4.1% Healing Received+2 Life on Kill+100 Armor
Crude Topaz6.6% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired+13.3% Basic Skill Damage11.5% Lightning Resistance
Diablo 4 Season 2 Gems: An image of the player checking the gems in their equipment.
An image of the player checking the gems in their equipment. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Chipped gems list

Here’s a table on the upgraded Diablo 4 chipped gems:

Gem typeArmour boostWeapon boostJewellery boost
Chipped Amethyst8.2% Damage Over Time Reduction+5.1% Damage Over Time14.3% Shadow Resistance
Chipped Diamond+3.5% Barrier Generation+5.1% Ultimate Skill Damage5.1% Resistance to All Elements
Chipped Emerald+7.5% Thorns+7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies14.3% Poison Resistance
Chipped Ruby+5.5% Maximum Life+15% Overpower Damage14.3% Fire Resistance
Chipped Sapphire5% Damage Reduction while Fortified+7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies14.3% Cold Resistance
Chipped Skull+5.1% Healing Received+2.5 Life on Kill+175 Armor
Chipped Topaz8.2% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired+16.7% Basic Skill Damage14.3% Lightning Resistance

Upgraded gems list

Here’s a table on the upgraded Diablo 4 gems:

Gem typeArmour boostWeapon boostJewellery boost
Amethyst9.8% Damage Over Time Reduction+6.1% Damage Over Time16.9% Shadow Resistance
Diamond+5% Barrier Generation+6.1% Ultimate Skill Damage6.1% Resistance to All Elements
Emerald+9% Thorns+9.1% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies16.9% Poison Resistance
Ruby+6% Maximum Life+18% Overpower Damage16.9% Fire Resistance
Sapphire6% Damage Reduction while Fortified+9.1% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies16.9% Cold Resistance
Skull+6.1% Healing Received+3 Life on Kill+230 Armor
Topaz9.8% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired+20% Basic Skill Damage16.9% Lightning Resistance

Flawless gems list

Here’s a table that covers the upgraded Diablo 4 flawless gems:

Gem typeArmour boostWeapon boostJewellery boost
Flawless Amethyst11.4% Damage Over Time Reduction+7.1% Damage Over Time19.6% Shadow Resistance
Flawless Diamond+7% Barrier Generation+7.1% Ultimate Skill Damage7.1% Resistance to All Elements
Flawless Emerald+10.5% Thorns+10.5% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies19.6% Poison Resistance
Flawless Ruby+7% Maximum Life+21% Overpower Damage19.6% Fire Resistance
Flawless Sapphire7% Damage Reduction while Fortified+10.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies19.6% Cold Resistance
Flawless Skull+7.1% Healing Received+3.6 Life on Kill+295 Armor
Flawless Topaz11.4% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired+23.3% Basic Skill Damage19.6% Lightning Resistance

Royal gems list

Here’s a table on the upgraded Diablo 4 royal gems:

Gem typeArmour boostWeapon boostJewellery boost
Royal Amethyst13.1% Damage Over Time Reduction+8.1% Damage Over Time22.1% Shadow Resistance
Royal Diamond+8% Barrier Generation+8.1% Ultimate Skill Damage8.1% Resistance to All Elements
Royal Emerald+12% Thorns+12% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies22.1% Poison Resistance
Royal Ruby+8% Maximum Life+24% Overpower Damage22.1% Fire Resistance
Royal Sapphire8% Damage Reduction while Fortified+12% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies22.1% Cold Resistance
Royal Skull+8.1% Healing Received+4.1 Life on Kill+340 Armor
Royal Topaz13% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired+26.7% Basic Skill Damage22.1% Lightning Resistance
Diablo 4 Gems: A player's inventory showcases the seven varieties of gems you can find across Diablo 4.
A player’s inventory showcases the seven varieties of gems you can find across Diablo 4. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Upgrade gems at the appropriate levels to amp up your builds

While the game won’t remind you, check the jeweler’s wares and skills out at every 10 levels of experience, just to be safe.

How to unlock the jeweler in Diablo 4

Gems in Diablo 4 can have a serious impact on your existing gear. Adding them can be done at your convenience. But since you can only unsocket gems from gear at the jeweler, a trip to town is due if you’re switching out your equipment for new loot.

To unlock the jeweler, you must first level your character up to level 20. This will let you take on the Gem Crafting priority quest, unlocking the jeweler in Kyovashad – Kratia. Once you’ve completed the quest you will be able to use any jeweler across Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Jeweler locations

Here is a list of all of the jewelers and their locations:

  • Fractured Peaks – Kratia in Kyovashad
  • Dry Steppes – Tungal in Ked Bardu
  • Scosglen – Realyn in Cerrigar
  • Kehjistan – Kaveh in Gea Kul
  • Hawezar – Alyoni in Zarbinzet

They’re great additions to your equipment regardless of class and remapping your gems before encounters can mean the difference between survival and defeat. Several enemies’ attacks can be weakened with the right type of gem in your armor. For more tips on all things Diablo, check out how to get a mount in Diablo 4 and the best classes in Diablo 4 before upgrading your gems. While you can no longer use Malignant Hearts or vampiric powers, Season of the Construct brings in new mechanics.

The new Diablo 4 Seneschal companion lets you unleash massive damage on foes across all classes: Rogue, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Barbarian, and Druid. These can be enabled with the right Governing Stones and Tuning Stones. Take part in new Vault dungeons in Diablo 4 as well. Season of the Construct is out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Diablo 4 Gems FAQs

How do you get gems in Diablo 4?

Your main method of acquiring gems will be via ore veins found throughout Sanctuary, and you can upgrade them at the jeweler.

What do I do with gems in Diablo 4?

Gems can be combined with your equipment for buffs to your stats and abilities.