Diablo 4 battle pass for Season 3 explained – all rewards and tiers

Diablo 4 battle pass for Season 3 explained – all rewards and tiers
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The Diablo 4 battle pass has got players excited for Blizzard’s Season 3 and climbing up its ranks may just be worth it for hardcore series fans. Though most of what you can expect within mainly includes character cosmetics, mount accessories, and other similar items, the goodies you get are still unique enough that they might just make you the envy of your friends.

Since the contents of the battle pass change with each season, you’ll need to know when the Diablo 4 Season 3 release date is so you can start saving up for it. If you aren’t a fan of in-game microtransactions, though, then you’ll need to learn how to get gold fast instead so you can get to some slick armor without spending a penny. New features like Vaults and the Loom are well worth checking out in Kehjistan.

But whatever your stance on in-game purchases is, you may still want to know what the Diablo 4 battle pass price is going to be. We’ll be covering all that and more below so you know what to expect early on.

An image of the battle pass menu in Season 3 of Diablo 4. Image from Blizzard.
An image of the battle pass menu in Season 3 of Diablo 4. Image from Blizzard.

When does the Diablo 4 battle pass start in Season 3

You can start earning rewards in Season of the Construct’s battle pass from January 23, 2024, at 10 AM PST. Dive into the game early to get a better chance at nabbing all the rewards by completing its challenges. Note that there are multiple battle pass versions with different pricing. We break it down for you below.

How much is the Diablo 4 battle pass in Season 3

The Diablo 4 Premium battle pass is priced at 1,000 Platinum (£8.39/$9.99) while the Accelerated battle pass is purchasable for 2,800 Platinum (£20.99/$24.99). If you choose to purchase the former, you’ll have to start off at the first tier and work your way through the old-fashioned way. On the other hand, the accelerated option gives you 20 tier skips as well as a special cosmetic.

  • Free tier – The first is free, available to all players, and offers 28 free tiers of seasonal content to work your way through in Season 3.
  • Premium tier – The second Premium battle pass tier costs just shy of $10 and has 62 additional paid tiers with a variety of exclusive rewards.
  • Accelerated tier – The last tier, dubbed Accelerated, costs $25.00 and includes all the benefits of the Premium tier along with twenty tier skips and a unique emote.

How to level up the Diablo 4 battle pass

The Battle Pass is leveled up through play, specifically through earning Favor XP which is handed out for completing quests, World Events, killing demons, seasonal chapters and objectives, and ticking off challenges, bundled under what’s called the Season Journey. Leveling up Battle Pass tiers earns players a selection of rewards, including cosmetics, Legendary Aspects, Murmuring Obols, gold, emotes, Season Boosts, Smoldering Ashes, and titles.

Here’s how you can earn Favor to level up the battle pass in Diablo 4:

  • Completing quests and events
  • Defeating enemies across Sanctuary
  • Finishing seasonal objectives
  • Taking part in Season Journey chapters

It is worth noting, though, that you’ll only be able to progress your battle pass through the Seasonal realm, meaning you will not be able to earn any of the rewards that come with this microtransaction if you play in either the Eternal or Hardcore realm. Fortunately, most of the items you acquire from the BP (apart from the weapons) will be “class agnostic” so you’ll essentially be able to equip them with any class of your choosing.

The seven Season Journey chapters are particularly important because they let you obtain rewards like brand-new legendary Aspects and new unique items. Since each season in Diablo 4 lasts for approximately three months, you’ll have plenty of time to acquire all of the rewards that it offers before it gets updated. If you started the season late, however, then it may be worth considering the accelerated offering because of the 20 tier skips that it gives. And remember that the devs won’t let you “pay for power,” limiting rewards to cosmetics.

Smoldering Ashes and Season Blessings explained in Diablo 4

Smoldering Ashes is earned from the free tiers of the battle pass and can be put towards Season Blessings. These are temporary boosts that earn you more gold or XP, extend the duration of Elixirs, or increase the chance of gaining rare materials from salvage. A level 10 character is required to unlock Smoldering Ashes and, therefore, Season Blessings. Expect the new season to bring new resources to craft other boosts and items.

In the previous Seasons, Smoldering Ashes were used to earn Seasonal Blessings. Here are the new Seasonal Blessings in Diablo 4 Season 3:

  • Urn of Enduring Grace: Gain a boost to the duration of Shrine effects.
  • Urn of Tuning: Chance to receive an additional Tuning Stone from Wardwoven chests in Season 3.
  • Urn of Whispers: Boost the chance to receive a Greater Collection from Whisper rewards in the game.
An image of a horse armor item from Season 3 of Diablo 4. Image from Blizzard.
An image of a horse armor item from Season 3 of Diablo 4. Image from Blizzard.

Diablo 4 Season 3 rewards explained

Here are the rewards that you can expect from the free Diablo 4 Season of the Construct battle pass:

  • Smoldering Ashes (used to acquire and upgrade Season Blessings)
  • Five Armor Basics
  • Five Weapons Transmogs 
  • One Mount Trophy
  • One Title (prefix and suffix) —Vault Keeper
  • One Town Portal
  • A new Legendary Aspect
  • The artificer’s clothing transmog set
  • 3 x Scrolls of Amnesia (free Skill Tree and Paragon Board reset)

Here’s what the Premium battle pass rewards in Diablo 4 offers over the base game:

  • All Free Battle Pass Rewards (listed above)
  • 10 Armor Transmogs (including the Awoken Adamant Armor sets)
  • 21 Weapon Transmogs 
  • Two Headstones 
  • Five Emote (one emote for each class)
  • Two Mounts (including the the Clockwork Equid Mount)
  • Two Mount Armor (including Awoken Spheral Barding Mount Armor)
  • Five Mount Trophies
  • Two Titles (two prefixes and two suffixes)
  • 700 Platinum (this is spread across 11 premium reward tiers) 
  • Two Town Portals (portal skins)
  • Three Emblems

And here’s what the Accelerated seasonal battle pass offers in addition to the above:

  • All Free and Premium Battle Pass Rewards (listed above)
  • 20x Tier Skips
  • 1x Emote (Spinning Loom emote: same for all 5 classes)

Diablo 4 Season 3 reset explained

Seasonal content in Diablo 4 can only be completed with a new character in the “Seasonal Realm.” And while you do need to beat the base game to access Season 3, you’ll need to head into it with a new character. A new seasonal character lets you explore a new build with new bonus weapons as you progress in the story alongside new characters in the series. Seasonal blessings are boosts that will only apply to this character.

Your map progress and Altars of Lilith progress will remain, letting you get up to five extra Healing Potions and Skill Points for your new characters. Unlike earlier, Season 2 did let you keep your Diablo 4 renown. This endgame content also resets the Paragon Board. Quality-of-life features like your Mount will be accessible right from the start.

You can skip the campaign too once you’ve beaten it with another character. This will let you close in on the new enemies and bosses. Once a season ends, the character and progress will be transferred to the Eternal Realm. Season-only features like Vampiric Powers from Season of Blood will disappear in Season 3.

Instead, you’ll get a new Seneschal companion that lets you wield the power of the Loom. Improve this ally with Governing Stones and Tuning Stones to beat the Demon Malphas. Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan of Caldeum designed an ancient technology known as the Loom, which has been taken over by this demon.

Is the Diablo 4 battle pass worth it

The Diablo 4 battle pass is only worth it if you plan on playing the game consistently. As mentioned before, most of the items that you can get from the premium tracks are mainly cosmetics and accessories so it may not appeal to the casual player. If you’re a hardcore fan, though, then the unique goodies that it offers may be worth the price.

A new questline will let you fight new foes and grab exciting loot once more. Tremor season events will let you earn Shattered Stone to create Governing and Tuning Stones for your Seneschal construct. There’s a new competitive Gauntlet mode that will feature leaderboards to compete in as well. You might just earn a spot in the Hall of the Ancients.

Now that you know how much it’s going to cost, we suggest checking out our guide on how to leave dungeons in Diablo 4 so you can exit one immediately once you’re done running through it. Enter the third Season of Diablo 4 when it drops this January, packed with quality-of-life updates and new content. Unlock premium tiers to get access to new reward tiers with brand-new cosmetic items. This applies to all five of Diablo 4’s classes: Druid, Sorcerer, Barbarian, Necromancer, and Rogue. Expect the new season to have major improvements over Season of Blood.

Diablo 4 battle pass FAQ

What is the price of the Diablo 4 battle pass?

The Diablo 4 Premium battle pass is priced at 1,000 Platinum (£8.39/$9.99) while the Accelerated battle pass is purchasable for 2,800 Platinum (£20.99/$24.99). There is a free version available as well if you have purchased the game.

Is there a new Diablo 4 battle pass every season?

Yes, you need a new battle pass to earn rewards in Diablo 4’s seasons. But there is a free option available with limited rewards.