Diablo 4 how to level up fast and farm XP

Diablo 4 how to level up fast and farm XP
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Wondering how to level up fast in Diablo 4? Maybe you’re struggling with a boss, or simply want to power through to start doing endgame content as soon as possible. Whatever the reason, more levels means higher stats and more Skill Points, and we’ve got some tricks to help.

We have played the game extensively as part of our Diablo 4 review, so want to pass on as many of our learnings as possible to get you to the max level as quickly as possible. There’s no escaping the fact that to level up fast in Diablo 4, you’re going to need to kill a lot of enemies. This applies to all five Diablo 4 classes: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Sorcerer, and Rogue. Thankfully, as we’ll explain in a moment, there are a huge amount of Dungeons and Nightmare Dungeons across Sanctuary that can be reset – allowing you to quickly and effectively grind out XP fast. More on this later.

As you progress, you’ll want to know how to get a Diablo 4 mount as well as how to salvage gear in Diablo 4 to make the most of what you find as we tell you how to level up fast in Diablo 4. Check all the details in Diablo 4 Season 1 as well.

Diablo 4: The World Tiers selection screen.

Best ways to level up fast in Diablo 4

Before we even get to methods, there are a couple of ways to ensure a higher XP rate before you even get into the game. By playing on higher difficulty levels, you can net yourself better XP, with the Veteran, Nightmare, and Torment difficulties boasting bonuses of 20%, 100%, and 200% respectively. So if you’re confident in your skills, bump up the challenge for better rewards. If not, opt for Adventurer world tier.

You can also play in a group to give yourself a nice XP boost. Playing in a group gives you a 10% boost to all XP, so knowing how to play with friends in Diablo 4 could be a great way to level up faster. With that out of the way, here are the best ways to level up fast in Diablo 4:

Diablo 4: A sorcerer fighting against storm wargs.

Kill everything

Not a very flashy method, we know. Especially early on in the game, you’re going to come across lots of pretty weak mobs. And while they are easy to take care of, don’t underestimate the amount of XP you can get from them. Spending half a minute to clear a small group of mobs is quick XP, and if you make sure to do it often, that XP will very quickly start to add up into some fast early-game levels.

Head to the Kor Dragan stronghold

This amazing XP farm trick was discovered by a YouTuber, who provides an awesome, detailed video right here. To do it, start off in the bottom right section of the Stronghold. When you leave the game and come back in, you’ll start at that point with the Ultimate Ability reinstated. Head into the stronghold and begin to pool enemies together by running up them and then fleeing.

You may take damage, but try to avoid killing any. One pooled together, use all of your abilities to kill them as quickly as possible. Then, leave the game and restart. You will start again just outside the Stronghold and can repeat that method. We do not advise doing this too often, as it could lock your account temporarily, but it’s certainly an effective way to get XP fast.

Diablo 4: A map showing the Side Quest Traveler's Prayer location.


As well as any main story quest, you’ll receive some nice XP rewards from completing any quests you take on. Diablo 4 does a pretty good job of keeping you at the level you need to be at for the story, so just by completing each main quest, your levels will go up pretty quickly, especially at lower levels.

But that doesn’t mean you should just stick to main quests. Everywhere you go, you’ll find NPCs offering a range of side quests, each with their own rewards on offer. Taking them on will also give you the chance to nab yourself some great loot along the way, making them great ways to level up and get some new items along the way. Some side-quests even link in with our next method.


Pop a consumable Elixir at the start of every Diablo 4 session to get a 5% boost to XP. By itself, this is pitful, but compounded over hours and hours and you’ll bag yourself a ton of XP. You can either loot, buy, or craft Elixirs, so they aren’t in short supply around Sanctuary.

Diablo 4: A sorcerer fighting a skeleton.

Completing dungeons

Dungeons are one of the best ways to level up quickly in Diablo 4. Completing side dungeons can offer you a pretty sizable XP reward for completing them, so rushing through and finishing them quickly can be a great way to get some fast XP. Not only that, but you’ll also be picking up XP from all the mobs and boss fights you find there, so dungeons should be one of your top choices for grinding quick levels. Opt for Nightmare Dungeons which are harder but will reward you more generously.

You’re also able to reset dungeons once you have completed them. This means all of the enemies will come back and it allows you to quickly grind out more XP and gather loot which you can sell. You can find out how to reset dungeons in Diablo 4 in our trusty guide.

Once you unlock World Tier 3, switch to grinding Nightmare Dungeons to net the most XP. Don’t hesitate to dip in and out of Helltides, too.

Complete Strongholds

You don’t have to stop with dungeons, either. Across the map you’ll find Strongholds, cellars, and Diablo 4 events filled with enemies to defeat, and hefty XP rewards to collect. Keep an eye out for any markers on your map while you’re exploring, and try and make sure to clear anything you find and those levels will shoot up in no time. You can even make use of elixirs to power yourself up and clear them even faster.

Earn renown

In every region you visit, the Diablo 4 renown system rewards you for doing a whole range of activities. Anything from questing and clearing dungeons to simply walking around and discovering new waypoints and altars of Lilith will earn you renown for that region. As your renown increases, you’ll earn renown rewards like more potion charges, but most importantly you can earn bonus XP. The best bonus XP isn’t available until the late game, though, so don’t go grinding renown straight away, but make sure to keep it in mind during your playthrough.

Play with others

Play in groups of four players to land a 10% XP boost. There’s also the obvious benefit of having allies to take on bosses and nightmare dungeons, which is easier with friends. If you can’t muster up a group, then look out for World Events. Only start them when other players are taking part or near you to get a 5% again increase.

Those are the best methods for how to level up fast in Diablo 4. If you want to put your new levels to good use, try taking on the Diablo 4 Den Mother boss or tackle a higher world tier. Alternatively, if you find yourself a bit dungeon-ed out, our Diablo 4 how to leave dungeons guide is exactly what you need.