Hogwarts Legacy keeps crashing on PC? Here’s how to fix it

Hogwarts Legacy keeps crashing on PC? Here’s how to fix it
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If Hogwarts Legacy keeps crashing on your PC – here’s how to fix it.

Hogwarts Legacy has arrived and has been a cause for much excitement across the globe since its release on February 10th. As you might expect with the launch of a new PC game, we’ve seen some irritating bugs. While console users might be having the time of their lives exploring the grounds, PC users may be encountering various roadblocks.

Witches and Wizards alike have encountered a number of performance issues. There’s been crashes, frame drops, memory leaks and more. Players have even become stuck under the map and been unable to move.

While Warner Bros has released a new patch available for PC and Xbox Series X users, PS5 users still have to hang tight. The game developers have confirmed: “This patch addresses overall gameplay performance and stability as well as online connection improvements.”

Don’t worry though, if you’re struggling with crashes, we’re here to help. Below we’ve sought out a number of potential solutions to the Hogwarts Legacy crashing issue.

How to fix Hogwarts Legacy crashing on PC

Here’s what you can do to fix Hogwarts Legacy crashing on PC:

  • Restart your PC
  • Disable ray-tracing
  • Disable GPU overclock
  • Verify integrity of game files
  • Re-install the game
  • Re-install relevant graphics drivers

Restart your PC

The most obvious and the most underrated fix for more software problems is the hard reset. It seems as though this fix is one of the most reliable fixes for Hogwarts Legacy crashes.

Disable ray-tracing

Ray-tracing can be quite a temperamental piece of software, and often if the hardware isn’t properly configured and optimised for ray-tracing with the specific game, it can cause unwanted crashes. Disabling this could be a good, quick fix for Hogwarts Legacy crashing on PC.

It’s worth adding that the February 14th patch adjusted the raytracing default setting to Medium Quality, which should also help the issue.

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Disable over-clocking on your GPU

It’s possible that your GPU’s overclock is interfering with the game and causing it to crash.

Verify integrity of game files

It’s also possible that your game is crashing due to corrupted files, potentially caused by the pre-load. You can fix this on Steam by doing the following:

  • Steam
  • Right click on Hogwarts Legacy
  • Properties
  • Local Files
  • Verify Integrity of Game Files

Re-installing the game

We’ve saved the most annoying for last, and we hope you don’t have to resort to this as it will be quite time-consuming, though it’s likely that this will be the most effective fix.

Does the Day One patch fix Hogwarts Legacy crashing?

While the Day One patch didn’t arrive alongside patch-notes, a Reddit thread seems to hypothesis the potential fixes.

While we have already covered this in our Day One patch notes, the most relevant piece of information here is the ‘Fixed game-crashing issues.‘ This seems to suggest that a fix has been provided. Of course, we’re still expecting some issues with the game crashing, so it does, the above information should still help you work around the game’s issues.

Why does Hogwarts Legacy keep crashing?

If it’s just you and not your fellow witches and wizards experiencing the issue, it might be related to your PC hardware and software. Below we’ll explain some of the potential issues.

  1. Outdated GPU – Modern PC games are more graphically intensive than ever before, so there’s a good chance your graphics card might not be powerful enough to cope with Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to check out the system requirements first before taking a look at the best GPUs for Hogwarts Legacy.
  2. Outdated graphics card driver – this is a fairly common problem that is often responsible for game crashing. Make sure your PC software is up to date to solve this issue.
  3. Corrupted game files – the game could be crashing because game files are missing or corrupted. To solve this issue, you’ll need to perform a check disk on the hard drive.
  4. Third-party app or service – Hogwarts also may crash due to any background processes that are interfering with the gameplay. For example, if you’re streaming videos or music.

We’re going to be keeping our eyes out for the latest information on why Hogwarts Legacy keeps crashing, and how to fix it. It’s possible that this is due to driver issues, and we’re going to be listening out for updates from Nvidia and AMD Radeon for their input. Until then, you might interested in the best GPU for Hogwarts Legacy and if you can use a controller with Hogwarts Legacy on PC.