Dragon’s Dogma 2 crashing on PC – how to fix

Dragon’s Dogma 2 crashing on PC – how to fix
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 crashing issues are causing plenty of problems for players trying to get stuck into Capcom’s latest adventure. 

We’ve taken a deep dive into how to fix most of the performance issues with DD2, with the emphasis in this article on crashing solutions. There’s no hard-cut solution to the crashes just yet, though there are little things you can do here and there to make your experience a little more bearable.

How to fix crashing in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How to fix Dragon's Dogma 2 crashing: A crash report screenshot from DD2 crashing.
Dragon’s Dogma 2 game crash report tool is displaying an error message that the game crashed unexpectedly on PC, with an apology for the inconvenience.

The first thing we’d recommend when trying to fix crashing in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is disabling DLSS. This isn’t a be-all and end-all solution, but you can try a little bit of A/B testing. Capcom has stated that there are ‘some’ issues with DLSS and that they’re going to be working on a patch that sorts out DD2’s performance, though in the meantime it’s worth finding out for yourself if DLSS is the issue.

  • Configure DirectX11: Find your game install location and in the same folder you will see config.txt file. Change the first line from DirectX12 to DirectX11, and you might see a variable change. If not, you can always reset.
  • Rebuild shaders: In the game root directory, you will find a Shader2.cache file, which you can delete to rebuild your shaders.
  • Configure all available cores: Right click on the game in your Steam library and in the text entry box for startup config, type the following:

We’d also recommend tuning your graphics down slightly. Things like Mesh quality, Texture size, and ray tracing can all be toned down (and you will be able to see your VRAM usage in the graphics menu.)

There are a few other things you can do to resolve Dragon’s Dogma 2 crashing. As per Capcom’s recommendations, you’re going to be able to try resetting the graphics settings through the Steam files directory:

  1. Confirm the game is closed
  2. 2. Right-click “Dragon’s Dogma 2” in the Steam Library and open “Properties”
  3. Select “Browse Local Files…” in the Local Files tab
  4. Rename config.ini to config_backup.ini
  5. After copying config_default.ini, rename the copied file to config.ini
  6. Click “Play” from the Steam client to start the game

This fix won’t just play a part in preventing the game from crashing, but it’s also going to increase your FPS in Dragon’s Dogma 2 ever so slightly. Handy.

There’s quite a few other steps you can take to fix crashing in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

  1. Verify game files

    This is often a quick fix for games that crash often. This process will check for all corrupted game files and ensure they’re rectified by re-writing them.

  2. Reduce your display resolution

    This often happens to me. Something to do with my processor bottlenecking my graphics card, but if I try and run some games in 4K with amped up graphics – my PC just turns off. Consider check the system requirements for Dragon’s Dogma 2 and adjusting your resolution accordingly.

  3. Reinstall the game

    The last bit of advice you’d want to hear, but a fresh install can help solve crashing issues.

  4. Disable DLSS / FSR

    These are incredibly CPU intensive processes, which poses the biggest risk of crashing in Dragon’s Dogma 2. After disabling these options, I even saw a drastic increase in FPS that was extremely welcome.

Crashing in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a pretty annoying issue. It’s such a widespread issue that only 90% of players have actually been Freed from the bonds of slavery and left Battahl, the first location in the game. It’s likely that these players experienced crashing on the launch of the game, black screen issues, and totally unplayable performance.