Hogwarts Legacy stuck under map/object error – how to fix

Hogwarts Legacy stuck under map/object error – how to fix
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If you’ve encountered Hogwarts Legacy stuck under map/object error – here’s how to fix it.

Hogwarts Legacy’s launch has been extremely exciting, however, it’s been mixed with a series of crashesframe dropsmemory leaks, and driver issues. In light of these issues, we’ve been seeking out the most reliable methods to fix them.

The latest reported issue is causing players to get stuck under the map. This primarily happens as one moves through the Hogwarts castle and loads new instances or environments. It’s not ideal, and is definitely one of the more challenging issues we’ve encountered so far as we haven’t yet found a permanent solution.

While Avalanche Software is aware of the issue, we’re yet to see the issue resolved. That hasn’t stopped players from finding temporary alternative solutions.

Hogwarts Legacy stuck under map fix

Here are a few temporary solutions we’ve found so far:

Restart the game

Your best bet might be to restart the game and reload from the last checkpoint. This will refresh all environmental instances. You might lose a little progress, but this is ultimately worth it if your character is stuck indefinitely. If the glitch isn’t allowing you to open the settings menu, simple force quit by pressing “Alt+F4”.

Attempt to find a location that will let you open the map

Another potential solution is to move around the area until you reach a spot where the game might let you open up the map. If you’re lucky enough to find a location that lets you do this, try using the Floo Powder system to travel to a different location.

If you can’t travel or fast travel, all you can do is report the bugs and await for the fix.

Frequently asked questions

How do I report bugs on Hogwarts Legacy?

You can report bugs directly to the game manufacturers via the Hogwarts Legacy website.