XDefiant needs to add this feature before it can be considered a CoD beater

XDefiant needs to add this feature before it can be considered a CoD beater
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Despite a rocky opening day, XDefiant has quickly bounced back to become one of today’s most-played shooters. However, it still needs quite a few changes to become the “CoD beater” that its fan base has been dubbing it as. And one of the most important features that XDefiant needs to introduce sooner rather than later is the addition of a kill cam.

Like any FPS, kill cams are necessary for finding out how you were killed so you can immediately exact revenge once you respawn. Unfortunately, XDefiant inexplicably does not have one, prompting many within the community to beg developer Ubisoft to bring it into the game. Over on Reddit, players have wasted no time peppering the forum with requests for its addition (alongside an avalanche of complaints regarding XDefiant’s frustrating hit reg issues, of course).

However, despite being one of the most requested features on the XDefiant subreddit, some aren’t quite convinced that the game needs a kill cam. Players like u/NeglectedNostalgia are convinced that it would be unnecessary since they’d “skip it anyway to get to the objective faster.” Others, such as u/jujonson, pointed out that the game’s death screen is based on Battlefield, where the player who killed you is highlighted, meaning a kill cam would be redundant.

No matter what side of the debate you’re on, though, you may have to wait a while since a kill cam doesn’t seem to be high on XDefiant devs’ list of priorities. Unlike the ongoing hit reg problems, the team has not revealed when, or even if, they plan on introducing one to the game. So, for now, you’ll have to wait until they release the next patch for more news on any changes they plan to introduce in the future.

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