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Is Warzone 2 free on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC?

Warzone 2
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Warzone 2 is finally here – with millions of players getting stuck into the game.

It officially launched on November 16th and whisked gamers away to new map, the war-torn desert region of Al Mazrah, which replaced the polarizing tropical paradise Caldera and the grey, dystopian first map, Verdansk.

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There was some confusion over if Warzone 2 will be free or not – especially as it turns up in the Modern Warfare 2 menus. That’s where we come in.

Will Warzone 2 be free to play?

Yes. Just like the original Warzone, Warzone 2 is free to play on Xbox, PlayStation consoles and PC. It’s highly unlikely this would ever change, as it’s a live-service game, relying mainly on in-game transactions.

You do not need a PS Plus and Xbox Live membership to play Warzone 2 on console. So, the only thing you’ll need to pay for is an internet connection – just make sure it’s decent enough.

If you own Modern Warfare 2, you will get some additional benefits, however. This will come in the form of Premium XP – which you can read more on right here.

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Of course, there will be optional extras – such as a premium Battle Pass – that can be bought for real money. This will include items such as cosmetic skins and weapons, but they are not essential and certainly don’t make much of a material difference to the overall experience.

Typically, the Battle pass will have rewards including but not limited to:

  • A New Operator
  • Tier skips of new content
  • Some COD Points back

If you’re stuck on which loadout works best, check out our best M4 build that’s versatile enough for you to use in the vast expanses on offer in Al Mazrah. Be sure to get the practice in on one of Modern Warfare 2’s Ground War maps.

If you are interested in spending some money in Call of Duty, check out the Battle Pass – which is currently bundled with the Vault Edition of the game.

You can find out if it’s the right MW2 edition for you right here. Note, PC and PS5 players can upgrade any time. But if you’re on Xbox, it doesn’t look you can upgrade just yet.

Will Warzone 2 Be Free FAQ?

Do I need Xbox Live to play Warzone 2?

No, it is completely free. You will however need an internet connection to play Warzone 2.

Do I need PS Plus to play Warzone 2?

No, you don’t need a PlayStation Plus membership to play Warzone 2.