*LATEST* MW2 Maps List – Every Map On Modern Warfare 2 Since Launch

*LATEST* MW2 Maps List – Every Map On Modern Warfare 2 Since Launch
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Here we’re detailing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) maps and answering what multiplayer maps are available in Modern Warfare 2. Now that the game is out, we’re able to reveal every single map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

The maps range from a fishing village and urban combat settings, to a race track and museum, catering to the wide range of modes on offer. There are already fan-favorites, such as the Crown Raceway.

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There is also two new maps that have already been featured in the game, in the form of the returning Shoothouse and Shipment – which both arrived during Season One. MW2 followed suit once more in Season Two, when they added another two new maps, which included Dome and the Valderas Museum.

But this isn’t the last of the new maps coming to MW2. Along with the full list of maps you can find in Multiplayer down below, we’ve also provided the newest map set to arrive come the launch of Season 02’s Reloaded update on March 15.

Let’s have a look!

MW2 Maps List – Every Map In MW2

Courtesy of Call of Duty MW2

First and foremost, Infinity Ward have explained all maps within the realm of multiplayer are set in Al Mazrah, Las Almas and Rest Of The World.

Integrating the campaign with Las Almas and the rest of the world including Warzone’s integration with Al Mazrah, allowed for players to get hands on with certain points of Warzone 2.0 before it arrived last November.

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The MW2 Multiplayer experience has a variety of game modes that allow you to enjoy these maps firsthand, including Team Deathmatch, Prisoner Rescue, Hardpoint, Domination, and Ground War.

Here are the maps in Modern Warfare 2. They are broken down as Core Maps, which are designed for 6 v 6, and Ground War / Invasion maps, which cater to larger battles.

6v6 Maps

Core Maps:
– Zarqua Hydroelectric
– Crown Raceway
– Breenbergh Hotel
– Farm 18
– Santa Seña Border Crossing
– Mercado Las Almas
– El Asilo
– Taraq
– Embassy
– Al Bagra Fortress
– Shoothouse – Arrived during Season 01
– Shipment – Arrived during Season 01
– Dome – Arrived in Season 02
– Valderas Museum – Arrived in Season 02
Himmelmatt ExpoArrived in Season 02 Reloaded

Ground War/Invasion Maps:
– Santa Seña
– Taraq
– Sariff Bay
– Sa’id
– Guijarro
– Zaya Observatory – Arrived in Season 02
– Al Malik International – Arrived in Season 02

All we know is that some sections of the Warzone 2.0 map, Al Mazrah, are based on prior Call of Duty levels: Quarry, Highrise, Terminal and Dome.

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What Is The Community Saying in Regards To MW2 Maps?

The community are being extra expressive when it comes to Santa Seña. (Credit: MrBadBit)

The vast majority of the community is a mixed bag when it comes to the rollout of MW2 maps.

A bunch of the community enjoy the variety of maps. However, the community have signaled their frustration to certain maps, including Santa Seña Border Map. Other maps like Shipment and Shoothouse have been welcomed hits that fans have really enjoyed since they’ve arrived.

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However, Infinity Ward has had some trouble with certain maps. During the beta, it was forced to change some details on the Grand Prix map, including renaming it to Crown Raceway.

MW2 Maps List – FAQ

What maps does Modern Warfare 2 have?

MW2 (Modern Warfare 2) has two type of maps, core and battle maps which differ in pace and style.

How many maps are in MW2?

There will be a total of 22 maps in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer once Season 02 Reloaded launches, including Himmelmatt Expo.

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