Does Warzone 2 support Crossplay?

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Warzone 2 has grabbed everyone’s attention and players around the world are squadding up and hunting down those elusive Ws across the map of Al Mazrah.

Of course, their chances are improved with friends, which is why many are teaming up with their friends across the consoles – leading to an important question about crossplay.

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Here is what we know about crossplay in Warzone 2.

Does Warzone 2 Support Crossplay?

Warzone 2 does indeed support crossplay, just like the original Warzone – released back in March 2020. Players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC on both Steam and Battlenet can all play together, regardless of platform.

In order to facilitate crossplay, players need to setup a Call of Duty or Activision account. Doing so means they can be found regardless of platform – and can be invited into squads for many of the game modes including Battle Royale and DMZ.

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At the time of writing, there’s been some struggles with crossplay at the moment however thanks to a bug – that Raven Software have promised will be fixed very soon.

Regardless of the bug players are still able to play together on different systems thanks to a handy workaround – which you can read about here.

COD NEXT Warzone 2 Reveal

Source: Activision

In regards to all things Warzone 2, it’s expected that more will be revealed with the new edition of Warzone later today – which is exciting!

Nothing has been mentioned yet currently what will be previewed at COD NEXT for Warzone.

However, fans are already eager to commence rumour mill on features they really want into Warzone’s sequel!

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What Does The Community Want?

Taking over to reddit, fans of Warzone and Call of Duty are passionate into what they want going forward with the game.

Some of the ideas thrown out included:

  • Firing Range integrated into Warzone
  • Ranked Mode
  • Field of View for Console
  • Replays
  • Faster launch times
  • More customisation to blueprints and private matches.

It will be interesting what will be announced at COD NEXT with it being assumed Activision will make changes to the beloved battle royale.

Summer Game Fest

Additional news to the sequel of Warzone was through Summer Game Fest 2022.

It was then confirmed that the game will be called ‘Warzone 2.0’.

It was also confirmed that Warzone 2.0 will be set within the Modern Warfare timeline.

This has been a reoccurring pattern with every new Call of Duty triggering a visual update to the game to match the current one released.

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