Using this Warzone Mobile Bundle can get you banned for 30 days

Using this Warzone Mobile Bundle can get you banned for 30 days
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Warzone Mobile, much like any Activision FPS installment, is filled to the brim with a variety of outfits and bundles that you can customize your operators with. However, one specific pack has started gaining notoriety throughout the community as those who purchase and equip it get 30-day bans in addition to the skin it comes with.

Though the Warzone Mobile release date is still yet to kick off in certain regions, some countries have already been lucky enough to get the portable CoD experience complete with its own offering of exclusive cosmetics and weapon blueprints. Unfortunately, it seems the prematurely launched Tracer Pack: Hear No Evil bundle is forcibly booting players out of the game for simply using it early.

According to a recent Call of Duty Hub post, the Hear No Evil bundle, which contains an ape-themed skin and a slew of charms, weapon blueprints, and calling cards, is handing out 30-day bans to any player that equips it. Now, Activision hasn’t officially provided a reason for banning anyone who uses this cosmetic. But some speculate that it may be because this pack isn’t technically supposed to be in the game yet.

It also appears Activision isn’t refunding players who purchase this bundle, meaning you’re essentially stuck with an unusable costume and accessories if you buy it. It also remains unclear when the Hear No Evil pack will be released, so you may be unable to equip it for a long time. That said, you may not have to remain patient for too long since it will most likely be made available before the Modern Warfare 3 release date.

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